The fish spine.

okay I am with a modding group that plans to use the oblivion engine when oblivion is released. I have made a model that I would like to have in it at some point. Here is my high poly model of what my friend calls the fish spine.

And my more low poly one is an attachment.

I dont know what is wrong with it but I know something is. I welcome all suggestions and will listen to everybody.

I have one other question for now. What is a reasonable number of verts for a weapon model in the oblivion engine? I know that no one really knows but does anyone have an estimation?

P.S. the high poly is around 13,000 verts!
And the low poly is around 5,000.


W00tiiiiiEEee Oblivion mod!

Keep it up, whateva ur doin!

The lumps on the side look really weird. The rest looks very good. I don’t know what it is or what the lumps are. Is it a bludgeoning weapon?

Theyare supposed to look like ebony disks.