The Fisherman Shack

Not a criticism, just saying it’s amazing to see what a pro can do with a similar scene that’s used for a lot of beginners (such as myself). Grant’s tutorial is a famous one for people starting out (not quite a doughnut but still popular). Not something someone at your level would be aware of. Does make my attempt look like a 5 year olds school project though :slight_smile:

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Have been considering doing a series myself on this project. A little bit more in depth though, going through blocking out, highpoly - lowpoly workflows, ZBrush sculpting, and Substance Painter texturing, all in one series.

Not sure how people are going to take it though. I can see people going about how I ripped Grant’s tutorial off.

Beatiful pictures. Personally i like this raw render most.

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Great work I love the lighting.