The Flat Earth

I am by no means a flat earther, I’ve always believed it’s round. However the flat earth theory has somehow resurfaced and has become way more popular, really strange, so while looking around on youtube at 3d sofware reviews, this somehow pops up. This is by far the most convincing thing I’ve seen concerning geocentrism and flat earth nonsense.
I know that blender has a sun simulator (or used to, I’ve been out of the game for a long while since my house caught on fire), how does it measure up to this or compensate, if it does at all?

Only way to find out is you create a mini rocket and strap a camera into it with a parachute that deploys after a set of minutes which probably has a timer. You will also need to create a case for the camera so it doesn’t freeze from the coldness of space or fry from the sun’s rays.

Unfortunately he makes one big mistake - small differences in time and angle make a very big difference. He makes too many shortcuts and approximations.

He is an attention whore also can somebody explain what this stupid flat earther is saying I know i’m 13 and shouldn’t care for this kind of stuff but can somebody explain what this faggot is saying

Lol, too funny. Seriously, read your own statement. You don’t understand what the guy is saying and you’re only 13, I think you discovered why you didn’t understand what the guy was saying, lack of knowledge due to age/experience.

I haven’t seen the video, but if this guy is attempting to show the solar elevation angles as proof of a flat Earth, then he has no idea how seasons work.

Besides that, if he lived in California (just an example here) and wanted to fly to China, would he fly over places like DC and London out of fear the plane might fly over the edge? Personally, I would challenge those people to show us images of what the underside of the Earth looks like then (because if it was flat then the entirety of civilization can only exist on the top side).

I think that he is trying to make a case for the Earth being flat by saying that the distance to the sun is different. If you fudge the variables that can be measured here (by suggesting that the Earth is flat for instance), then the sun would seem to be in a different position. Newtons equations are based in mass. A flat Earth would have much less mass than a spherical one and therefor the center of gravity would also be effected. This is calculated by inverse squares as well as the Inverse Square Law that is used to calculate light paths. The problem is, we actually have physical evidence that the earth is in fact spherical. I suspect that he will in the future suggest that the moons orbit isn’t what it seems to be as well. The earth’s mass has an effect on all of the bodies in the solar system so this could result in quite a lot of work to sell that white lie theory. This is not even to mention the existence of hydrostatic equilibrium that forms critical masses into spheroids. He may spend the rest of his life running from being debunked by actual science. What a waste of time.

Geez folks, watch the video instead of guessing.
He’s taking the sunrise of two different places on the world that are in the same longitude and using so basic trigonometry to figure out the distance of the sun, which is a heck of a lot closer than 93 million miles from what he’s come up with.

The reason that I said something about the Inverse Square Law associated with the light calculations was to show that he was doing that wrong too. This is because he was starting with the belief that the Earth was flat. It took me about 5 seconds to see what he was doing. There’s no need to waste my time on that garbage too. I’ve got better things to do.

He’s taking the sunrise of two different places on the world that are in the same longitude and using so basic trigonometry to figure out the distance of the sun, which is a heck of a lot closer than 93 million miles from what he’s come up with.

I am by no means a flat earther

Considering how you seem to be trying to defend the video, would it be true then that you’re on the path of considering yourself one who believes the Earth is flat?

If it is true, please realize the fact that just because it has a Youtube video advocating for it doesn’t mean it’s true (no matter how many graphics it’s accompanied with). I’m pretty sure that if there’s something that real people are believing, there’s a video on that site that tries to make a case as to why it’s truth.

yeah, no,
if you sincerely believe that the earth is flat,
please explain how we are able to sail west from California and end up in Japan.

I don’t think the earth is flat, but you must know the subject before arguing against it.
I’ve seen the curvature of the earth with my own two eye, go up on top of a high mountain, it’s pretty obvious.

Check out how Neil deGrasse Tyson handles the flat earth question: :smiley:

I’m looking to how this is simulated in Blender, how does the sun and sky system compensate for this?
Btw, I’d stick to science instead of mockery. I could easily whoop Neil’s butt intellectually on some issues, other than things that are proven through observable science, such as the earth being round.

The sun is big and not a point light. Very important.

So 149597870(distance to sun in km)/12756(earth diameter in km) = about 11 727 earths to the sun.

Human field of view: 114 degrees.

Now I made a blender scene where I put earth the and the sun in correct distance and correct size.

Made the camera fov 114 degrees .

Pressed render and viola. Flat erthers are wrong. Sun exactly the size in the sky as in the real world.

Confirmation of my model:

But if you watch the video, it shows why that doesn’t even matter, he takes the size into consideration.

See my post above. I’ve proven with blender that the sun size is correct.

Well of course the earth is flat. I’m just wondering if we can get any meat from those turtles the were sitting on. That could solve world hunger you know…

Alright. I figured it out thanks to blender.

One could make an awesome selfie from the edge! But I wonder, if earth is flat, sun would rise everywhere at the same time. Anyone I could call in US or somewhere at 9 AM GMT time to check how your day is going? I’m from Estonia myself.

All fun asides, I would like to see a map of flat earth to see where to look out for the edge.

Edit: found the maps! Really exciting to see that shortest path from Australia to South America is over north pole!