The flooded classroom

I’m not sure if I can call this finished yet, but oh well.
When I was sitting in class on a very warm day me and my best friend thought how nice it would be to have some water. It was a chemistry classroom and it always smells like chlorine there just like at the pool.
So I made this image of a flooded classroom in Blender Cycles. Worktime was about 10 hours. I rendered it with 1000 samples in 3 hours on CPU. Enjoy



I think this is a nice idea. The best part of this image I think is the blackboard, and lighting in that general area. I mean, just look at that! What advanced stuff do they teach in school these days?

However it is not clear to me that the classroom is flooded at first sight. I realized that just after a while. there are other elements in the image like the blackboard and the green tree outside that is more interesting to me, the chairs and water below it becomes secondary. I almost don’t even look at the water when I explore the image. The detail is elsewhere. Its a technically a very good image but the focus is not on the fact that it is flooded. Maybe that water shader needs some more love. Also maybe change the design of the chairs to something more interesting. Right now its mostly planks sticking up.

I know that you have put a lot of effort into this image and this criticism may not be what you want to hear. Though I don’t think you are far from a much better image.

Thank you :slight_smile:
Yeah, you’re right about the water. It’s more or less just a mix of glass, transparency and refraction right now. About the chairs, they’re the chairs we have at school and you’re very right about them beeing boring xD I’ll just have to google other designs.

The atmosphere is very nice and the colors are great! I did not spot the water at first sight either.
I think the chairs are okay, not too boring, but it is very obvious that all the chairs use the same texture with the same mapping.
However, it is a really cool image and I really like it!