The Flying Dutchman

Final Render:



No Post-Processing:

The idea of a flying ship came when I remembered the times when mom used to tell me old stories.
One of my favourite ones was The Flying Dutchman’s.

This is only the render test for an upcoming short film. For now enjoy the view of The Flying Ducthman arriving to Singapore Financial District shore.

Background picture from
:night_with_stars: Pic here

"They’ll never reach their destined port,
they’ll see their homes no more.
They who see the Flying Dutchman
never, never reach the shore!"

John Boyle O’Reilly

INCREDIBLE!! Looks completely finished though? Do you have any plans to change or is this finished? Sails especially looks immaculately filthy!

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Thanks, @tomstevens94! It’s a render test for a short film I’m producing, have only some little ajustments left to do. Soon I’ll jump to rigging and rendering. Stay tooned!

@tomstevens94 lol, I’m gonna call my friends like that now in Discord while playin!