The Flying Scotsman (steam train)

Another eternal work in progress!
I was going to wait for a final image/animation to post but could not resist posting some screenshots of the progress so far.
This one is for the train cult!

It is the flying Scotsman, certainly the most famous train in Britain and has been modelled already by many people, so this is simply “my version”. I have gone for the old look before the double chimney’s and the blinkers (smoke deflectors).

I could not resist rigging the gear. The Flying Scotsman was the first train to “officially” go over 100mph, greatly thanks to Nigel Gresley’s gear design. It is a three cylinder version of the Walschaert’s valve gear.

Here is a screenshot video of the gear in motion:

This is what the rig looks like:

That is all for now I am still working on some details before I make an animation.
Edit: Spelling!


Outstanding Work! The Train Cult is NOT Extinct!


nice modelling

show us more views at different angles

happy cl

I will do, I am working on the cabin at the moment, will upload something soon. :slight_smile:

are you going to model the engine inside
all the steam pipes with fire box ect…

happy bl

I have considered but probably not, I still want to add more detail to the outside, the tender and cabin. The file is getting heavy for my old system and I will have to finish the track ground and background! Plus I want smoke, steam etc
I think I will have to split the final result into different scenes or files for memory and gpu.

you don’t need to add all inside details on same dwg
make another file to show the inwards details

it would show the inside guts LOL
and be even more interesting

keep it up
good luck

happy bl

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Nor is this train!

This Is the cabin, so far, still lots to do!


Very nice!

Using Substance Painter for textures?

Also hopefully, some grunge here and there for an extra touch of realism because these things can get dirty pretty damn quick.

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No I do not use substance, the textures are not finished, they are node setups. I will grunge a bit :slight_smile: not over the top because the flying Scotsman is kept and cleaned with pride, but obviously it does get sooty and greasy.

An update of the cabin, I used cycles as the result is much nicer, I have also used the bevel to grunge some edges which does not work in eevee.

You were right it got dirty!


And another with an interesting angle, for this one I would have change the texture of the fire door but that is enough rendering for the moment I should get on with finishing the rest.


Beautiful work

The way you’ve managed to create such intricate and beautiful designs is truly inspiring.

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nice work for this old train

do you md sharing the nodes set up for the coper and brass

keep up the good work

happy bl

Sure, neither are complicated nodes and depend on a grunge photo. You could do something similar with musgrave + noise etc

CopperBrass.blend (995.5 KB)

The photo is my own so fell free to use it for whatever you want.

interesting mat

just one note

if you turn the copper sphere there is a large gap in the back !
did yo see this ?

the brass looks ok and nice looking

happy bl

Yes I wanted a gradient to darken one side Where the fire “sooted” the pipes ,so I added a black gradient to one side and moved the uv’s of the pipes that I wanted to have that effect so they include that gradient.

interesting effect
is there a way to remove it ?

on the copper one the bottom PBF is not use
is this normal ?

happy bl