The Forgotten | Blender 2.8 Eevee Realtime Render

The past week has been all about UE5 and its powerful realtime rendering capabilities. I decided to test out Blender’s own realtime engine called EEVEE. The fact that you can change the lighting in realtime is a huge advantage in art directing a shot.

The Megascan library got updated with the Limestone Quarry assets. Apparently same ones used in the demo. I was able to quickly export those assets and rebuild the shaders using the Quixel Bridge and Blender Link. Used 8K textures on the rocks with normals and displacement.
Sourced the very detailed Lion 3d model from MyMiniFactory. It has a fantastic collection of 3d scanned data.

Thanks for checking out.



I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks Bart! You are amazing.

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It looks amazing!

What was the graphics card used? And approximately what was the render time per frame and at what resolution?

You’re also #featured here! :+1:

RT rendering ?

waw i love it !
I thought i was a lone crazy guy but am glad to see there are some others :stuck_out_tongue:

This is absolutely beautifull !

Please could you honor us by telling your hard/sys setup you real-time-run this on ? :slight_smile:
As a RT VR afficionado i’d really like to know :wink:

thanks for this work !
One more proof i should take time for looking deeper in EEvEE ^^

Happy blending !

EDIT: i cannot believe lighting cannot be changed in realtime in UE… Even in unity3D it’s possible…

Lighting can be changed in real time in UE just like in Blender.
Although, like in Blender Eevee, light can’t be changed anymore once you Bake the Indirect Light. That’s what they are referring to. With UE5 you can have GI without the need of baking light.

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I am on 1070ti and a 960 ti. Nothing fancy. It took around 20 sec per frame to be rendered.

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Thanks for your kind words. I am on a 1070ti and a 960ti . Nothing crazy.

Seen this acouple days ago on phone but wanted to check it out on pc, out-standing. Well composed, camera work, music and objects… Looks like mini trailer… really nice work.

That’s exactly what I was going to say, haha. This is a really amazing demo, but UE5 is showing the global illumination (lights bouncing around on objects) in real time, which doesn’t happen in Eevee. Not to say the ammount of polygons they are handlying also in real time.

Very nice !!
How are the nice light rays achieved? Volume scatter or any Atmospheric addon ??
Great job

woow … i mean i use started using eevee for about aa month now … buy i didnt know that it can take light bounceing corretly like cycles without using light probes and baking ? !!! this is cool !!!

wait a little bit… it ll be inside the box…