The Freshman

Hello Blender community. I’m the new kid on the block. I just thought I’d introduce myself since I’ll probably be asking a lot of questions or making up a lot of unnecessary threads for no discernible reason as I am ready to become a blender user extraordinaire in my quest to become the greatest indie game developer in the history of Indie.


Hi! :slight_smile: I was looking for a new user intro thread too, but there doesn’t seem to be one. I’ve tackled Blender before but have never been able to get through it. I’m totally determined to make it work now!! I’ve been using most of the Adobe CC apps for a looooong time, Poser off and on for several years, and I’m actually doing the same thing with Daz3D-- TOTALLY determined to really learn it this time. I do landscape design for the family business, and I want to branch out into content creation for both Daz and Poser. A lot of the artists do use Blender for modeling and rigging, or at least started out that way. I have a lot of great ideas for Daz clothes, including an entire line of female outfits based on flowers and plants (which I have very extensive knowledge of.) So… hi. :slight_smile: