The Galactic Civil War - Character modeler

Hey there i am Erathor and I am planning on adding heroes into my game so if anyone is interested in creating either the Character IG-88 or Dash Rendar for this project please lemme know :slight_smile:

It is a free game so you can go ahead and try it

Here is some small gif

So basically the game is made from scratch though the characters are not made by me. That is why I want that to change and I really hope someone would volunteer to help me out :slight_smile:

You can find the download under the files section and I hope you like it.

  • Erathor

I’d be interested in helping you make some models, I got enough experience in blender to do an Dash Rendar or IG-88 model that’s the same quality as the models you’ve shown above. I’d also be interested in doing further models for your game as a form of practice. And out of curiosity I’m wondering what game engine you are using to make this, if it’s unreal engine I could probably assist you with other things too. Good luck!

Thanks for your responce if anyone else wants to join lemme know :slight_smile: