The Games Contest 2002 Has Started!!!!!!!!!

(wes1) #1

The Contest has started

wes1 good luck :wink:

(saluk) #2

Looks good!

Where/how do we register?

Hope to see some great games come out of this.

(ineedanewbi) #3

[email protected]#%#$

i just gotta get some ATTENTION


for those who work or go to school have a MAJOR disadvantage (which is the majority of blender users)

MY CHISTMAS BREAK STARTS AFTER ITS DUE, when i get the most time to work on my game

so why dont we push the due date a bit back to the END of ppl’s chirstmas break, id say

December 31 or later,… anyone agree with me???

(Abracsis) #4

make the deadline the 23rd and release the games christmas day.

There should be a half term school break between now and christmas? and weekends? i’m sure that’s enough time.