The Giant Stuck in Progress Thread

I’ve been lately working on two projects, which i stopped working on for a bit to work on my skeleton pirate. I decided to pick them up again, but i feel like I’m dead in the water with them.

The first is a continuation of my portal theme that I’ve been lately following. I’m trying to make the panels that make up the test chambers in Portal 2. I’m also trying to rig them so that all their rigs work together and they move as one body.

I’m also working on a title animation for myself. I wanted to have a ton of assets managed in one scene. Right now i’m working on rigging some of the gears. I was able to rig almost all the gears in the second picture and they all turn in the right direction.

I need some feedback to really get going on these projects, so let me know what you think of them!

Also, feel free to post any projects of yours that you feel are dead in the water (so to speak :stuck_out_tongue: ), then we can all give you ffedback and ispire you to finish them!