The GIMP team doesn't officially provide any Windows binaries...? WTF

Are these guys for real ?

so they develop the software, but hey… we dont give you “binaries”

Like if every user knows what the hell a binary is…


is the installer, but they the guys that make gimp, they dont give it to you…


It’s hardly rocket science, follow a couple of clear download links and you have the .exe file.

Looks like you can get Windows builds off this page. Note some people were having issues with 2.8 on Windows so you might want to grab 2.6.

A bit old, but if you’re looking for explanation, here’s a good start.

Whilst I’m long aware of the fact they won’t provide binaries, this line really goes a long way towards explaining the pain Windows & Mac users have with GIMP:

Official support means that the team takes responsibility for how well GIMP works on those platforms and thus can be blamed for anything that is wrong there.

If no-one can be blamed, no-one has to do anything about the problems. Simple right?

It’s Linux based software, that you can kinda get to compile for windows if you have lots of time and patience. So no, they don’t provide windows binaries. When it comes to the choice between sanity, or making some troll happy who can’t be botherd to install linux, they choose sanity.

its open source, they work for free, they owe you nothing.

Saying that I agree that they could have been a bit more organised and be more careful with their “image”.

I think the reasoning is that they are linux developers, there are however loads of windows build going around , so it should be very easy to find one.

I fixed the text to mention “installers” instead, not sure if the server already picked it. I hope this will make you happier :slight_smile:

As for the other thing, Stan already linked to the explanation that pretty much covers it .