The Girl with the Broken Wings


(Matias Raassina) #1

There are times when it feels like the wings that carry us are crumbling away. Even how hard we might land onto the hard surface, keep fighting for the light.

Modelled with Blender 2.79
Sculpted with ZBrush
Rendered with Cycles

On ArtStation:

The female base mesh will be available soon in the ArtStation Marketplace!

(alf0) #2

nice work !!!

(Matias Raassina) #3

Thank you buddy!

(QuestionTheMark) #4

Man! Those wings look great!! How did you do them? :money_with_wings:

(Matias Raassina) #5

I made eight different feather variations using the hair system in Blender. I then rendered them into pictures, which I unwrapped onto cards. Then just added a lot of subsurface scattering and perfected the lighting. Fairly simple but effective.


Lovely work! Has an almost painterly look to it. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Nicolas esser) #7

Whaa Nice job. How many time to do ? And how many time for render ?

(Clockmender) #8

Beautiful work, but she really needs a hug right now…

Cheers, Clock.

(QuestionTheMark) #9

Wow, interesting way of doing it, but the outcome was amazing! I wish i could blend like that! Just a question, is that supposed to be an Angel or a Valkyrie or what?

(Matias Raassina) #10

Thank you! That is probably one of the biggest compliments in my book, since I take great inspiration from paintings in general :slight_smile:

(Matias Raassina) #11

Thanks! It took me about two weeks from start to finish. Though I only worked on it on my limited free time. The rendering took about 6 hours in 4K resolution.

(Matias Raassina) #12

Yeah, she really does. Thank you.

(Matias Raassina) #13

Yeah well, I thought about doing the feathers straight with the hair system, but it was a nightmare to manage and to get look right. The cards are much easier to handle, just like they do it in video game development.

The original concept was for an angel, but I didn’t like the cleanliness of it all. And the usual angel wings have a really streamline and symmetrical shape. I wanted it to feel more gritty and grounded.

(Benny_Flex) #14

Great work @Matve. I give a :hearts: for the expression.

(Matias Raassina) #15

Thank you!

(QuestionTheMark) #16

Do you mind if i use that method? I never thought to do wings like that.

(Matias Raassina) #17

Of course, that’s why it’s important to learn from others. It’s not like I invented the method or anything like that. Keep at it buddy!

(Bart Veldhuizen) #18

I’ve featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile: