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Hey there. I’d like to share with you a simple short movie I’ve been working on in spare time last 3 (4?) years (pretty long, I know). I can’t say that I’m wildly satisfied with the final outcome, but naah, Im just glad I’ve finished it already

I would really appreciate any feedback you can give me

Fantastic work! Just watched it over at Congratulations. Don’t be so hard on yourself!

Well done this was really a nice short film, I wish I had you skills. You should definitely post this in the ‘finished works’ section of the forum as it might not get as many views here and I think it needs to be seen ‘animations’ can be a bit of a ghost town.

Wow, that was pretty cool story. Good job!

yea pleas post this stuff in the finished section, its just great you know it and more people have to watch this short movie.
Also big probs to the soundmaker.

It’s a great short film.

It’s a beautifull idea, beautifully done. No criticisms from me.

I enjoyed this short, kept me in s bit suspense right up to the end. I got a laugh seeing him exit his house. I agree with those who mentioned you should put a post in the finished section.

Very well done, and congratulations on completing it.

Well, thank you guys a lot for the comments, I’m really pleasantly suprised by your reception <3

I’m bumping this thread, because not enough people saw this movie. Really good stuff, Paul!