The glow effect

Hello . How to make the glow effect?

That’s done with a custom 2dfilter. Maybe there’s some you can on the resources section.

That looks like a post-processing filter (once the entire frame has been rendered, you run a filter on it that increases the exposure of some areas, based on the position and attributes of some light).
But by the power of the quantum phenomenon behind it (scattering) I hereby state that it should be possible to approximate it with one spot light.
What happens in the quantum world (that is our world) is that part of the light that comes from the sun toward the trees actually hits those trees in the back. It can do it, it just has less probability to do so than to hit the front side.
So what we see is the same that would happen if the camera had a spot light pointed toward the sun.
That would be a rough approximation though, because scattering applies to all objects in the scene while the single spot light will involve only the few between the camera and the light source.

Anyways, if you look for “scattering post processing” you should find some glsl filters out there.

Yeah, a spotlight pointing at the sun would do a good cheap bloom effect. However you’d need code to make sure it reduces intensity if more obejcts are blocking the light. Maybe a scattering of rays towards the sun, set the spotlight intensity depending on the number of unbroken raycasts.

Thanks for the theory . But I didn’t find interesting examples for BGE.

I found this

That’s more a “god ray” effect than a scattering but perhaps you can find a way to tweak it.

Some of those effects are just boom, and the others are god rays,

It does not work on every card. I tried with my amd r9 280 and does not work. Would be amazing if it did
as this would make games look 10000x better

I happen to have an R9 280 (Ubuntu 16, default open source drivers) and it works (as long as I add the #version 120 line).
It’s the magic of the hardware/software industry. One has to wonder how we manage to sustain a civilization on top of such a bizarre and unreliable base.

How do i do that.

At the top of the glsl source script just add the line:
#version 120

Thanks for the theory . But I didn’t find interesting examples for BGE.

You could try the famous martinsh BGE GLSL filters(for 2.49b, but easy to use in 2.7+):


Thank you. This is exactly what i needed to push my game :slight_smile:
Would be amazing if you could use it to make a light glow in a room.

What you really want is (like in the pictures), gaussian blur bloom that makes everything look nice at the cost of performance.