The Goon, Inspirational, "indie" film?

video here: —>

Please share this awesome proof-of-concept footage by Blur Studio for ‘The Goon’, featuring Paul Giamatti (Franky) and Clancy Brown (Goon).

Eric Powell’s ‘The Goon’ is being developed as an animated feature film to be produced by ground-breaking filmmaker David Fincher, Blur Studio, and Mike Richardson at Dark Horse Entertainment. ‘The Goon’ has not been funded yet, and the team is currently looking for a studio to finance the production. So get the word out!

Looks awesome!

Yes, but is this Blender? I don’t see any mention of how the teaser was made.

Nah I don’t think it’s blender. but it’s an independent production that’s inspirational.

Thought it was pretty cool, especially liked the animation, lighting and compositing.

Heard that Blur are involved in this film.

Yeah, and I’ve heard one of the characters is going to be voiced by Paul Giamatti.

inspirational? lol
it is very primitive, not inspirational

zombies dude, who doesn’t love zombie flicks.

the eyes of the main character got me the most. it’s this oldschool vintage cartoon look. I don’t know if you are familiar with mcbess but his work would also be awesome as 3d animated movie.

he has a 3d animated music video, somewhere.

Blur were using MAX, but they moved to Softimage for animation.

The Goon is very politically incorrect comic, so the movie should be that way… although, I feel that this trailer is much too long for what it has to say…

I can’t wait to see the finished movie.

I don’t know… that is the kind of humor I usually laugh, but I didn’t find this a bit funny. It felt like they were trying too hard to be funny, at least in that trailer.