The Grand Abandoned

Im happy to present my second final piece…

full view is here

C&C most welcome.

EDIT - scroll down… i uploaded new versions, but its confusing to replace the first set of images… thanks for looking


Great modeling and texturing. I don’t care for the environment much, but that is probably just personal preference. I just don’t think it does justice to the great modeling and texturing job.

thanks for replying… the environment is a very sparse place, which i feel works better than my original idea of a more formal garden. i could spend another 2 weeks building stuff to clutter up the yard but i need to move on in projects.

Hi dvandamme. Really great model you’ve got there! Nice modelling and texturing and everything. I recognice myself in that when you’ve made a nice model and it’s taken a while you just don’t feel like making a scene for it to be in. But you could always use it as a background house for a future project. : )

Good job! make more goodlooking models!

unfortunately, i can’t leave this model alone… ive learnt the basics of painting with particles, and have spend the after noon making weeds and grass to scatter around the yard… theres going to be at least another update now… sigh… :smiley:

As a finished image it looks quite good. I especially appreciate the texturing work with the mildew and stains.

If you’re going to continue, you might have fun with the ivy generator. :smiley: (Link.) I haven’t found an excuse to use it, yet. It’s a small, stand-alone open source app sort of like ngplant. It looks like you import a mesh from Blender via OBJ, grow ivy on it, then export it back out through OBJ.

thanks for that… ive got reference images for more extensive mildew damage so those textures are getting upgraded
i have ivy generator, and gen3 for trees and bushes… today is trying to make paths, hedges and runaway plant growth - i’ve read elsewhere you need very simple mesh objects for growing ivy otherwise it will take all day
and the node editor is the other task… its almost mayas material editor but a few interface quirks… so far to edit a field in one node that isn’t shown in node editor screen, you have to assign that material node as a base material on a mesh, edit the field then switch the node material back… bit finicky at the moment…

heres the update for the side view… more interesting image i think…

i still have the front image to redo, theres a bit of post work involved


found some screw ups in the render… very frustrating… so heres both anew…
hopefully this will be stable images from now on. :rolleyes:

i dont know if i like the view with the photo background comp’ed in more or less, so i put up one of each


Right on. That looks great. The balustrade was a good addition. I like the sky color in the first, and the oblique angle of the second. The world-mapped photo certainly contextualizes the model nicely. My only misgiving about the right one is that the transition to the background photo isn’t seamless. Which would seem very difficult to achieve, also.

Reminds me of the home in Texas Chain Saw Massacre 2… nice!

Astroman Pete - thanks, im quite happy with the model as it sits now, that photo is giving me issues though, ive trawled though my huge collection of photos trying to find something to fit in, the camera angle and perspective have made it rather tricky, if i keep that as a final for a reel i’ll have to rerender it with a photo to fit in scene i think

PapaSmurf - thanks, though i haven’t see new film, and only bits of the original…hopefully thats a good thing! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice job. My only crit would be the potted trees out front still being green. If the place is abandoned I’d think the potted items would have died from neglect.
Keep up the good work.

The house looks great. I agree that more work is needed to make the grounds look abandoned. There should be weeds growing in the gravel. The trees in pots should be different sizes, brown or dead. The water, scummy. The grass, less uniform and yellow/brown.

You may find that these details take more time than the house itself. However, they are very important for achieving the look of your theme.

at the moment im dropping the abandoned theme and trying to make it cohesive. i want it to look old and worn out but i dont know if i can make it genuinely abandoned in any sensible time frame, i finished the house weeks ago and have been working on trying to bring the scene parts up to consistant, i think the fully abandoned look might be out of reach for the moment…

let this be the final one… large res here otherwise its 1024 wide.


I like it a LOT. Great work :smiley: