The Grand Piano!


I love it! Though something about the image makes me see it as a tiny piano on top of a table, idk. Nevertheless the lighting is fantastic and the post-processing adds a great amount of realism. The materials are believable and the model is spot on. Good work :cool:

Very impresive!
For some reason (probably the extreme DoF) it kind of looks like a miniature though. Maybe you like that, there is nothing wrong with that, just pointing it out… :slight_smile:

I agree that this looks like a miniature, but that is really cool! I love the miniature look, especially in combination with the title “Grand Piano” :smiley:

Oh, thank you two!
Ye its like a miniature, but I think i overdid in DoF, because some piano parts stayed blurry. My intention in DoF is make the environment image “invisible”

I keep trying to figure out exactly why the piano looks miniature! It’s like a puzzle. There’s no obvious scale reference in the image, so why does it look so tiny?

The only thing I can com up with is that the size and distribution of the reflections on the piano trick your eyes into thinking it’s a miniature. Maybe the scale of the light source is too large relative to the piano.

In beginning, my intention was not to leave as miniature. But i liked it after.

About the “puzzle” believe or not, there’s only one sun light in scene and, of course, the hdr. I think it seems a miniature because the HDR enviroment image. See the images below

this last image is without post processing


Wow, it is even more impressive in the 3D view! Now I almost think the rendering didn’t do the piano justice, because the fine detail is blurred… (I still like the rendering though.)

I guess the miniature look does come from the DoF as you said. A real life macro lens has a shallow depth of field, so I think that must be a good way to get a miniature effect.

But shouldn’t the piano have a third leg in the back? :smiley: If it were a regular size grand piano, I think it would fall down…

Very nice render! It looks like a miniature because of the thickness of the vertical wall on which the lid rests when closed. It needs to be much thinner.