The graphics on Intel chips may soon be powered by AMD.

With Nvidia now posing a potentially major threat to Intel, the company might be turning to its longtime rival in order to have its graphics technology inside of its chips (in part so they can stop paying royalties to them).

The two questions that come out of this is whether Intel is actually giving up on its own graphics endeavors if this goes through and whether that means one will be able to use GPU computing in Cycles without the need for discrete graphics. Either way, This could be good news for the future of the APU concept and provide a good fallback for power users in cases where drivers malfunction.

It also appears as if things are looking up for AMD now, the only thing they need now to cap what may be a good year is proof that their Zen chips compare favorably to Intel’s i7 processors.

(Potentially) Good move, or not?

Good move indeed

AMD IGPUs >>>>>>> Intel IGPUs

in my experience.

Good to keep AMD around and to let them stay healthy :slight_smile: , would be for the users even better if more competition where available.