The Grasshopper Knight

I’m not sure if this is finished, I was thinking of adding a dragon fly, but some crits would also be welcome, before I put it in the finished forum:

That looks awesome!

I would change the camera angle though. Maybe zoom the camera out a bit move it more behind the knight, and add that dragonfly. With all characters in the scene looking to the left, you are drawn to that side of the image, but it’s empty :(. Adding the dragonfly will create a better reason for why the knight is dressed up as it is now.

Bravo! I absolutely love the stickbug.

nice, I like the knight pose

Wow, very imprisive.

one small critique, the “steeds” front left leg (from the perspective of the rider), the way it is, it doesnt look as if its touching, because there is no shadow of its leg on the leaf, and i think it greatly detracts from the rest of the image…maybe turn A) on? or if its on, change the angle of the light, or add a small point lamp right next to the foot that only renders deiffuse, no specularity?

also at BYOB SOAD2
he means the concept of the image, when there is nothing on one side, and everything point to that side, it forces the user to look off the page, making it so that they dont look at your image for very long, so what he was saying was to add to the way it flows, as right now, it just flows left, but if he adds a dragon fly facing to the right on the other side, it will push the focus point to the center of the image ;D

It looks amazing as it is, but like Sam said, a dragonfly would add more purpose/story to it.

I’ll get to work on the dragon fly, I have been trying to get the ambient occlusion to work, but I don’t know if its the lighting or the textures, but it just aint happening, thanks for the input everyone.
I really need to find out how to use composition, anyone know of any good tutorials on it?

actually for composition, try some tutorials on how to create concept art, they really go to the very basics, and the first origins of the the composition, as well as the way things face and such, so yeah, try some tuts for that

good point. I was thinking of it as putting something there that the knight is fighting.

Yes, see it all comes back to composition, personally I learned by creating concept art, but I cant find the excellent tutorial I used, because if I could, both of you would understand composition more,too…and ive really been searching for it…I think it might be in one of my old posts/

I’ve found the following, I’ll see what else is out there:

Bingo… looks like I have some reading to do:

looks like this is a good one… back to work:

yes those are all pretty good ones, and as you can see, they all have good composition!

OK, figured out how to do the Blur… feel free to rip it apart

love the new version :slight_smile: the wings should be a bit transparent though…

Really nice! The dragonfly really brought it together.

Hehe, fighting a dragonfly, nice.
Looks great, love the bump mapping on the beetle’s face, and the specularity on the wings.
I agree with natholas that the wings should be a little more transparent, and I think dragonfly’s have compound eyes, you might want to look into that as well, they look a little untextured as it is.

Had to go into the compositor, the Ambient occlusion wasn’t making the hit I wanted it to, Feeding it into RGB Curves seems to have done the trick, also made the wings more transparent, thanks for the interest folks… will look into the eyes :smiley:

AO output:

The End result:

Beautifully done. My only problem is that I like dragonflys. I’m not sure I want the knight to win!

This image feels like a child’s book illustration. It wants to tell a story.

Thanks 3dmedieval, Its really appreciated. I’ll sleep on this, look at it again tomorrow, and probably submit it to Finished-Projects if I’m still happy.