The Grassy Place...(UPDATE 2nd page)

hey Im working on a cool place…my little slice of paradise (I know yeah… very original…right)

I was wondering if anyone had some advice as to how to make the grass a little thicker towards the camera? I know @ndy is good with the blender particle system… this is pure blender, no fibre script.


looks quiet good especially 'cause you are using particles. Personally I think you can get better results with dupliverts or, as you said, the Fibre script.

I’m not very good with the particle system, if you think @ndy knows some about the particle system, ask him. :smiley:

Good luck

(The water and stnes look good (as well as the sky)

If you wanted to use blender only you could just make few different models of grass and do some serious copying and pasting, quite a few people dislike this way, i’m not quite sure what effect you were looking to acheive, but its cool anyway.

The grass does seem a bit ‘velvetty’. Overall a bit too uniform as well. Adding some handplaced flowers/plants would break it up a bit. Also, the pond seem quite agitated for such a small body of water. Some reed-like clumps would not be misplaces either.

…just constructive criticism… thanks for listening

The composition is really good - even from the thumbnail it gives a sence of peacefullness. But the grass needs more work, it’s “blurred” or “‘velvetty’” as UglyMike said.

You could try this tutorial : (i know it’s in french, but it should be easy to follow with the screenshots)
This is an example of what I did with this technique.

as an avatar this would be incredibly realistic :smiley:

but in the bigger version the gras isn’t that good, the water looks good though :slight_smile:

nice,for the grass fibre will do the job,the water is weird,you need to work more with that.

are the clouds procedural?

hey… thanks a lot to you all! Heres an update on the render. I adjusted the grass a little but to no avail (last night before you guys gave me the advice).

Roger: thanks a lot! I haven’t been able to get the Fibre script to work but I’ll try again.

UglyMike: Hey I didn’t like how the water was either so I changed it (as you can see above) thanks for that :slight_smile: and this is actually going to be a small island with trees and sand around the water. it’ll look better when I’m done, but for now its the grass that I’m mad at. lol.

Rore: WOW! I like the picture you made from the tutorial! thanks for the link!

Job: Hey! I didn’t even think about using this for my avatar. the thumbnail is perfect for this! Thanks :slight_smile:

–=leon=–: actually the clouds are just a photo. I was thinking of trying the procedural but I thought the photo looked pretty good so I left it.

thanks again! I’ll try all of you guys’ advice. the overall concept that I’m going for is a small island or piece of land (an oasis maybe) with trees and sand around the water… maybe some birds flying around. The island is actually pretty big but the render makes it look very small. I’ll tweak the grass some more and see if I can’t make it shorter and more clumpy. I think that will make it look larger. The grass size is what makes this render look small.


The grass seems to look a little…fuzzy.

I know man… I’m kinda frustrated… I’m probably gonna end up using the Fibre script for this entirely. I was able to make it less fuzzy but it still doesn’t look right. I’m a little mad >:(

zach, try downloading sketchys static library and use the grass one.

You can get it here:

Hope this helps,


ah hah! I forgot I had that in my computer already!

thanks lando!


No problem! :smiley: Looking foward to your next update.


Wow, this looks really good, really peaceful. Might be effective to break it up a bit with something on the grass, a tree maybe, or plants/flowers as UglyMike suggested. Also, if you want to make it look bigger you could try making the rocks smaller.

Excellent work, love it, can’t wait for the next update.

(using a friend’s computer… decided to take a break for today)

man… I haven’t been able to do very well with the grass at all. I started working on the beach area though… I’m gonna start on the trees next. Probably palm trees. I’ll give an update tomorrow :slight_smile: thanks for all your help!

hey I have an update for ya!

I am going to work on the sand some more…its hard to get the texture just right. I am also going to move back the green texture and try to make it blend in more with the sand… possibly using a uv map.

any comments or criticism will help…by the way thanks a lot for the help with the grass!!!


another update…fixed the texture of the sand and worked on the grass a little more. I think I have the grass about where I want it for now but I’m gonna add a dock and some other stuff too.

what you think? another update tomorrow with a dock probably. I will probably have to make my own wood texture and uv map it so it’ll take me a while.


Looking good but the grass material and the material under the grass need to be tweaked. The green isn’t quite the right color. And the sand doesn’t transfer into the grassy dirt right, because its too sharp.


thats one thing that I wanted to do with a uv map. its kinda hard to do with a procedural texture huh? anyways… should I make the grass lighter or darker? I thought it looked pretty good, but I was actually thinking of using an alpha map with color (an alpha with color???) to make the grass look pointy on the tips instead of squared off.


hey here’s an update.

I’ve been working a lot with the lighting. I think it still needs tweaking for sure. I made a uvmap for the ground and the sand and that turned out fine. I am going to make the individual blades of grass not as thick and maybe shorten it a little to make the oasis look bigger. any other ideas??