The Great Wall

Ok well here is “The Great Wall”. i made this in a day so i guess you could call it finished but i am also going to use in game.

Edit: how about this


Nice :slight_smile:

But for my perception those light spots on upper halves of the towers look strange - I don’t see any lightsource which can produce them, and no hint is given.
Another thing: i expected these shadows that get cast on the walls to be from sun which is in sunset, but then I saw that the shadows on the opposite side go in another direction o_O This again puzzles me as I don’t see any hints on the picture why this should be so :slight_smile:

The shadows on the ends are from the lights on the towers

It looks minature.
Thats because the grass texture is to big!

I see :slight_smile: But I can’t find the lights in the picture… I mean I’d expect to see some kind of lamps or torches or smth like that to recognize that light is coming from them.

oH now i konw what your talking about here i will update it.

For lighting - it’s basically lit by the sun, but quite overcast. So that’s a sun-lamp plus AO - myself i’d us both add and subtract, and raytrace, as a little more grain would be nice, but that’s just me.

You could always change the camera angle to something more dramatic as well - at the mo it looks very flat.

The first thing that struck me was the flatness of the parts of the wall that were not towers. The Great Wall of China has walkways on top, not just a single wall. Then the awkward spotlights started getting a little on my nerves. The texturing on the wall is really good, and the details are great, but the grass texture, lighting, and camera angle could all be improved.

ok i will work on what you guys said for my game.

i have a question is this good for my age “13” or should i be allot better?

Well Padfoot and Zombiejohn are only a few years older than you, and are pretty kickass.

Personally, it depends when you started with blender. It’s good that you are getting these critiques, it means you are doing enough things right to be worth posting, but there are still some kinks that you have to work out. I’m about your age, but not too good.

As for critique, there is some texture stretching on the hill to the right and the towers. Are you UV unwrapping or you just applying a texture to orco? The shadows are also bugging me, there seems to be no definite light source. Also, how many tris are in that model? It looks a bit high poly,imo.Keep on blending!

i started blender probably 5 months ago (most of the time i was trying the ge), but i was on sketchup for 2 months before that. I only spent like 20 min on this render. There are allot of stuff i don’t uderstand yet like nodes and the bump mapping stuff. if you know of any tutorials i mghit need please send them to me.

look at the new pic it always had a walkway it was just a bad angle

For age 13,it is very good indeed!Also,if you would work a bit more on the textures,it could be but in a next-gen strategy game for sure!

Thank you and it only has 10.4k faces

hey, im 14 and im not that good. so yes its good for 13

10.4 k? 10,400 faces? is that tris or quads?:confused: Btw nice new angle, much more dynamic, and also hides the stretching on the taller towers.:yes:
hmmm, 20 min? :smiley: I think you should try the speed modeling contests!,smc You’d rule at them. :cool:

is 10.4k faces good? here’s a pic


The modeling is excellent. The lighting needs more balance.

In a word, there is not quite enough detail in the shadows (which are “too dark”), and the highlights are teetering on “blown-out white.” If you were to pull up this image using the “histogram” tool of Gimp or Photoshop, you’d probably see a somewhat bowl-shape as highlights crowd toward one side or the other, not in the middle.

There’s only one time when you see deep shadows, and that’s “sunset in the winter.” Obviously from the background it’s a long time 'til sunset, so there would definitely be diffuse, somewhat bluish light streaming down from the sky, filling in all those shadows. It would be quite easy to see the wall.

You could either re-render this, or shoot a separate plate of sunlight fill coming down on the ground-plane and the wall, then composite them together. It is also reasonable to simply “do it in post” with Photoshop or Gimp, bringing the levels to a more balanced level with good ol’ “dodging and burning.”

Dodge the hot-spot in the sky, burn in the clouds on the right side slightly, burn in the wall-shadow strongly and wiggle your fingers a little bit over the transition between the wall and the foreground right before the enlarger light clicks off. Then slide it into the developer tank. Nothin’ to it. :slight_smile:

I really don’t know much about the gimp or photo shop. Oh and is 10.4k face good (9.8k without gruond)