The GTX 650 ti really meant to replace thr 560 ti ?? in cycles?

The reviews about the GTX 650 ti say that nvidia released that card to replace the 560 ti with less power consumption more cuda cores and more clock speed…

thats for gaming!!

What about cycles?? does the 150 dollars 650 ti really replaces the performance of 560 ti in cycles.
the 650 ti being the kepler architecture might be 20% slower but the 560 ti has 384 cuda cores while the 650 ti has 768 cuda cores which is 20% more then the 560 ti?

So does the cuda cores in 650 ti cover the performance lag of 6 series card through the number of cores then the 560 ti?

No, the 6 Series isn’t superior speed wise than the 5 Series. There’s quite a few threads about it now - I think the top three or four are about the difference between the cards in fact…

yes you are right but my real question to say is that the 650 ti has double the amount of cores then the 560 ti.

more the no. of cores = less render time???

Inspite of the 650 ti being 6 series it’s cuda cores cover the amount of performance?

So ? They’re just numbers. It still doesn’t render as quickly

My Honda has less horsepower than the Titanic had but I bet i could beat it in a drag race

The double to cores doesn’t mean anything. The 6 series is designed for faster gaming - not faster rendering. They are completely different.

I found this response from a cude core programming site (in a blender thread none the less…)

The reasons why the 5 series is quicker at rendering than the 6 series…

  1. 5xx shaders run at 2x speed, but there are fewer of them…this is a good for some applications, bad for others, but the 6xx chips use less power
  2. the 6xx chips have reduced double-precision arithmetic units. Games do not (for the most part) use doubles, so cutting this for gaming cards again reduces the power consumption and allows other parts to run faster
  3. the 6xx has new compute capabilities (look up “cuda compute capability level”) mostly around scheduling. This is definitely a good thing, but most software doesn’t take advantage of it yet.

Don’t get fixated on the Cuda cores numbers. Just buy as much VRAM as you can, and either get a 5series (580>570) if you really need that extra few minutes, or buy a 6 series. I personally will be buying a 6 series next month - the 5 series are almost the same in price on Amazon for an equavilent VRAM amount. The extra few minutes rendering won’t matter to me.

EDIT : a Benchmark done with Blender, cards, OS, systems last year. Note that the 580 was fastest, but I don’t think the 6 series was released for comparison.

ok thanks for your answer…
I am really not a technical guy here… just a 13 year old kid fooling around with hardware you can say…
I thought more core = more speed but its not true…

So anyways thanks for your answer.:wink:

I might buy the gtx 650 ti 2gb version as it best fits my budget and it has 2gb ram… plus blender is not my profession so at gaming that card is more than enough…

I know what you mean, I’m not technical at all…well, not at computers :smiley: The 6 series was kind of a bust for Rendering - but it was designed as a gamers card, so if you are doing both, get one. The more VRAM means the more you can fit in your scene (models / textures / etc). Just keep an eye out on some TI cards, some of those seem to be lesser cards - just compare the ones in your price range, and get the best of everything you can afford!

well I think a 2gb vram would do just enough after all I do in blender…
Plus the gtx 650 ti so far is the best card that fits my price and performance…
so i will go for the latest card from nvidia :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a 650ti and an i7, the CPU render times are faster than the GPU “CUDA” times! I would not recommend the 650ti for render purposes.

To be fair I will correct my last post, I have now managed to do some renders a bit faster with the GPU now, the difference is not at all “stunning” and does seem to depend on settings and the amount of texturing involved. My card has only 1G and I have already managed to crash it. I still would not recommend it.

I’m using a 460 with less than 1GB of ram and it’s still much faster than my CPU, more than double actually.

HOWEVER, I have to always make sure that my card is running at full speed. I’ve set blender to have a high performance profile in my video drivers, but after some use and when I close blender, my card falls back to 2D clock speeds and gets stuck there until I reboot.

Use a performance monitoring application and make sure your video card is running at it’s full clock speed when blender is running.

i bought also i7 + 650ti
i am a bit disappointed with 650ti

render time cycles benchmark 2.61 file:
i7-3770: 3m48s
650ti: 2m18s

luxmark (opencl) score
i7-3770: 1=256 / 2=404 / 3=2462
650ti: 1=126 / 2=269 / 3=1740

as you can see 650ti is faster with cuda, but slower with opencl (and slower than i7!!!)
650ti is limited not by hardware, but by DRIVER!

game performace should be ok, but opencl is slow