The guy in the forest

I was modeling some mushrooms and suddenly thought I could add that ‘sad’ guy I have posted here some days ago. So in the end I had a heavily postprocessed image that I now show you:

Feeling better btw :smiley:

mushrooms can do that to you.

i like the grass and mushrooms.
but I think the pose doesn’t really fit on this scene…


Just make sure you pick the right mushrooms. :smiley: I’m glad to see he doesn’t look sad anymore. Sounds like there can be a story behind this. :smiley:

that guy’s cute!!! …he’s really cool!!!

btw: how did you do that light?

You…!!! Ah, I think you are right. I have spent so much time with this picture, and didn’t want to change the pose then.

I had a GI sphere with cold light and a spot with warmer light. This gives the best results for ‘outside shots’ (as far as my experience goes). The combination GI + one ‘hard’ spot has become my favorite lighting method, although is does not work always.

Very nice, especially on the texture and rendering side of things! Also nice posing there! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow., nico… I love it… the mood is great, the texturing and the lighting are superb :o :smiley: I wonder can we have a bigger pic?

I think this piece of work is very beautiful. What percentage of it would you say is completely Blender? I only ask because I’m marveling at the level of detail in things. The textures are really great and I agree, I think it’d be awesome if there were a bigger picture. I’m impressed with the lighting as well. If you ask me it looks like he’s about to take a bite out of that!

Great picture, looks awesome. Did you model the wholle scene, or is a part of it a photo? Btw, could you post a rendered picture of it at resolution 1600x1200 at high quality. I want to make a wallpaper of it for my own computer. I think this is a great picture for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a great picture. Very striking. I cannot think of anything to critisize. <shrug> sorry. :wink:

Great work, as always :slight_smile: Glad your feeling better!


shAMEN :wink:

Holy :o Frig :o


Amazing. Seriously, absolutely awesome. The texturing is great, the lighting is great. but the weirdness-style of the image makes it. Like how the grass is just kind of “pulled” up, it gives it a great personal feel.

I give it 5 out of 5 uhm…looks Arrow thingies [>] [>] [>] [>] [>] [>]

Oh and…Please please post a bigger pic!

Like maybe 1280x1024 so i can use it as a desktop wallpaper.

Having gazed upon this marvel of sculpting for some time now, I have come up with but one suggestion. It could use an intermediary layer between the foreground and background.

I agree modron…right now it has the appearance that the blender work is kinda “floating” above the background, and only just noticed after taking another look at it and reading your suggestion. Put some objects a little bit further back in the distance maybe…or add something in there to give it a better sense of depth. But other than that…its a fine piece of work.

Wow! :o cool pic man, good job! :smiley:

btw, that little guy is well cool, hehe


Fantastic picture! Looks like you can get a good story out of it.

Some title suggestions: “The Magic Mushroom” or “Peyote Pete and the Halucinators in Attack of the Spores!” :wink:

Also, I got a good laugh out of your binary statement. Thanks!

wow :o

very nice!!! you made it all in blender?? (the background looks like a picture)

PS: how do you make that grass???