The Helper

Here is my latest Work. Hoe you guys liked it… Samples 300 and render time 8mins. Happy Blending…

Here is the making…

Love this. Simple and beautiful.

Hah, you did a great job making something that simple look really nice. That`s mainly because of the colors, lighting and composition. Good job!

I love it! The DOF is a little strong IMO… Nice detailed wood texture, too.

simply cool…

Thanks man…

Hey Brother! Thanks a lot.

Its like a long shot with a DSLR camera. So it would more strong than this.

Thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Very clean and nice for only 300 samples. Very good render i like it!

Here is making of THE HELPER
Modeling and camera fixing.


Adding DOF: Focal Length:200, Fstop:.05

Applied Materials and Lighting. This is what i get after render :stuck_out_tongue:

Adding Lens Distortion

Compositing is done entirely with GIMP. That’s my tool always
So here is my Final result

Thanks man!!!

wow really freaking clean modeling. Almost expert level clean!

Thank you my dear friend…
Спасибо! мой дорогой друг–Google Translator