The heroic age of steam (FINAL: Sept 24, on page 3)

Here’s my latest, a steammobile from a few centuries ago. Rendered in Yafray. Comments? One of the pictures I’ll be submitting to the Suzanne awards.


Wow, great model :o

I really like the rust texture used in the image. Procedurals?

Nice feel to the image. I don’t know how to express this, but the lighting seems to hard, might want to soften it up a little, but that’s just an opinion.

By the looks of it it’s supposed to be hard light with the bright windows and such, and the textures are less likely to be procederals in YafRay since not all types are supported.

The textures are both images and procedurals mixed, I might get around to doing a mini-tutorial of the technique I used, sometime. The images are high-res (2000*1500). Yeah, the light is supposed to be hard sunlight shining into this warehouse, though it might be better to use somewhat softer shadows, what do you guys think?


I like the lighting as it is. I think that the roof rust texture is a little to smooth though and wood look better with rust more like where the hose/pipe enters the side of the tank. A really exceptional Image and model :smiley: :smiley:


I think the shadows are too solid and sharp, making the model look rather messy with those dark lines (shadows) all over it. This also means there isn’t much tone, which would help define the model much better.

Even if the sun were shining brightly through the windows light would still bounce around the room and objects, causing softer and lighter shadows.

I think you should add some soft spot lights around the room to illuminate the model more.

It’s a great model by the way. :wink:

Beautiful maybe a slight softer shadow
Good luck at th suzane awards

Looks great! They’re right, though, about softening up those shadows some. Very nice work!

Great model. I kind of like the harsh lighting.

that is a nice steam mobile. can you animate it :smiley: .

I love the lighting, I just think the shadows are too sharp. The lighting is excellent.

What are the suzzane awards?

I would love to see this rendered with yafray… it’d probably take the average PC a week to churn out, tho! What a great model! Very nice image! I like the lighting setup… quite dramatic.

mzungu: This is in Yafray

mzungu: This is in Yafray

[smacks forehead] you’re right, kirpre! I didn’t even read the posted text in front of the image! (Too dazzled, I guess…) I thot it was native Blender… my bad! :-?

Yeah, I would tweak the point light source to give it area light properties (bump its radius box up over 0, and give it some samples…) just to “fuzz” it a little on the edges… maybe give it a slight golden tinge, since it seems to be coming in at a low angle, and add a little atmosphere to top off a “dusty end of the day” feel.

[edit] I think turning its environment into a dirt-floor barn (old wood walls) with some straw scattered about on the ground… like you came across it abandoned in an old barn somewhere at the end of the day… would be cool![/edit]

Nice work as is, tho!

Yeah, its Yafray, and it’s becoming slower to render this image by the minute. I made some changes to the sun light, to make it have soft shadows, and it’s still rendering. I even had to split up the picture into 4 regions, and render them seperately, because my PC was practically dying under the load. The render time now is around 3-4 hours, I’ll hopefully have the new version done and post it by tomorrow…

mifune: Actually, it is animated already, it’s just that I would see my toenails grow by the time Yafray churns out an animation. Maybe I’ll try it with a different lighting setup in Blender.

mzungu: yeah, the old barn was another background I contemplated, but then I rather went for a more industrial warehouse look. By the way, how do you make an atmosphere in Yafray? It would be great to have a true volumetric air with a halo of the sun light shining in, but that would probably make the rendertime “go where no rendertime has gone before”!


you no your animating it now dont you :wink:

Zsolt, if you didn’t know, you can create halo spot lights with Blender’s Renderer. I’m not sure about yafray though, but I think you should use Blender anyway, with AO and halos.

Don’t spoil it don’t use AO!!! :x :x :x

you can choose a smaller rendersize for animations 8) . but its your blend and computer.