The Hindenburg Disaster

Well, I have been finished for almost two weeks, but with exams to study for I haven’t gotten around to posting this.

For those of you who don’t already know, this was a project for World History. It probably was not the best idea to commit to a graded project using a program I really didn’t know how to use, but I did it anyway :D. My goal was only to give a rough representation of the disaster, and I guess I did.

This is my first project, so nothing is really polished, but overall I am happy with the finished product. Although I don’t plan on changing anything more on this project, and criticism would be greatly appreciated, since I do plan on continuing to work with Blender.

Thanks a ton to all of you who helped me; I really couldn’t have done it without you. Anyway, here goes…

Here are a few renders (800x600):
1024x768 images are attached.

Here are the videos:

Tour (Uncompressed, 22.24 MB)

Camera One (Uncompressed, 50.57 MB)

Camera Two (Uncompressed, 47.81 MB)

Tour (Xvid compressed, 2.81 MB)

Camera One (Xvid compressed, 2.98 MB)

Camera Two (Xvid compressed, 2.98 MB)