The hippocampus

Not sure, whether this posting fits in this category.

I recently used Blender to show students and people interested in neuroscience, how the hippocampal formation (in the rat) looks like. It is basically a tutorial video within Blender in which the strange anatomy of the hippocampus is shown.

At 2:40 you can see another model and the usage of a new add-on that I am about to publish in the next weeks which enables us to model and depict the anatomy of neural projections.

I thought I share this here with you to provide another example of how useful Blender can be for educational purposes.

Why not use the BGE ? seeing the Blender GUI is kinda distracting

because I used the object-tree to show and hide certain areas. And in the second part I made use of the new add-on. But I admit, other parts of the Blender GUI could be omitted.

I was expecting a short film about hippopotami going to university. :frowning:

I am sorry, that I disappointed you, rontarrant

well its not bad, well done :slight_smile: