the hole

my layest project, a rollercoaster, who’s about to enter a hole. The lighting isn’t done yet, but my main problem is that I don’t know what to put on the ground for ‘decoration’. I was thinking of a path, but then I would need humans on it too, which is still too difficult for me.


How about trees if they were tall anothe they could be used to draw the viewer in to the hole

and isnt the hole a little small?

yeah, trees are a good idea, but a bit difficult. I did added camera on a pole, which helps too i think.

Yeah, the holes small. And what’s with the shadow on the ground?
Since you’re probibly new, you should make simple trees.

You need to scale up or replace the ground texture, the repeat is too high and it’s very obvious. The hole also looks way too small. That shadow might be from bad normals, try selecting the ground and doing recalculate normals (ctrl-n I think but don’t take my word).

The gras texture was only temporay, I think I’ll UV map it. I already changed the hole a little, but not too much because when I have added more object, the perspective will become stronger.
And the tree looks nice - not too difficult for me :slight_smile:

There is a program called Arbaro - it runs in Java, so it will work on any platform. It’s kinda odd to get used to, but it can generate the mesh for you so that you can export as a waveform (.obj) file, and then import into Blender. You can then texture it, as all of the leaves are grouped together, and the same with the trunk and branches.