The house of the sloth on the tree!

My work for the challenge among students of #bestblendercourse from @mr.mad_rabbit in collaboration with @jetpacksandrollerskates

The work was done according to the 2D design of the famous illustrator @jetpacksandroLlerskates.
In doing this work, I challenged myself and set a goal to bring the original image to life, and to make the features cute and fluffy :heart_eyes:. This is my second major work in this style.

Below I apply final renders in monochrome and color, original illustration of Blake.


Cool job. The wool and textures are delightful.

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Thank you! :pray::metal:

Очень нравится мех, столько там работы в нём! Ну и листья, конечно на дереве вне всяких похвал! Одна из любимых работ на челлендже!

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:sloth:Большое спасибо!!!

как делать такие листья?

альфа, в скультинге, cgboost урок есть)

Совершенно верно сэр!!!
Только изначально это не совсем листочки, но очень похожи))) и очень мне подошли :muscle:

Awesome. Light, style, fur, sculpt – well done, man :fire:

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Yeee, thank you Bro! Very grateful to you! :raised_hands:

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David прав, я так и делал)!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Very nice! Thank you very much, Bart!
Have a great weekends!

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Great combination of colors! I like the way you made leaves and fur. Wonderful work.

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Thanks, It’s nice!

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