The Ice on Winter Evening

Can you imagine it? Chilling air makes your nose tingle; shades of cool mix with shades of warm, seen in refraction. And you hurry to make a photo, only to discover later on that it (oh, dear) didn’t capture subtle color nuances of the ice.

But stop - let’s simulate it in 3d, build the world around it, breathe the life into it and capture its beauty in refraction.

In the end, I don’t care whether it is physically correct, I want it to be aesthetically correct.

Full tutorial with video:

For more info visit:

Great shader, I’m interested to watch the npde if possible :slight_smile:

Amazing artwork!

It’s awesome! The red and blue tones in combonation with the awesome materials create a perfect look.

I would like to know how you did the snow/ice which covers the ground… Or is it a picture? Beause it really has cinematic qualities!


That’s a verrrrrryyyy impressive render.
And it ouputs a very beautifull image.

Soo impresive work, as usual :slight_smile: I like the trapped fruits into the ice. It’s awesome

amazing piece of work :yes:

WOW! Very Very!!!

NICE!! Amazing work

Amazing! I though is was a real photo at first. :slight_smile:

You always do amazing work, Gleb!

Well done! It’s incredible how a block of ice can be so beautiful in the right hands.

Woah. Great image and beautiful feel to it.perfect render!

Amazing piece!

Great tutorial as well!!! Thanks.
Keep on rocking.

I was chocked when I’ve seen this first time.
Unbelievable magnificence…

If the entirety of the foreground (not just the ice) is all CG, then I can say that this image has some of the absolute most convincing frozen material shading ever made in Cycles (not only for the overall look, but also because of the many subtle details and touches throughout).

Without a doubt, few would ever be able to tell that this is CG without being told it is, it’s that good.

Amazing! Love it. Ice can be really beautiful.

Nice. Love the look.

Is this physically correct?
I tell you: I feel happy and inspired when see picture like this and this is true PHYSICALLY CORRECT behavior…

Excellent pic, hadn’t seen such good work since a long time. The idea, the colors, modelling… Congrats!
I’d like to have it on my wall :smiley: