The importance of the light. Realistic living room

Different light for the same scene.
Which one do you preffer?


Obviously the brighter version.


In these cases the display you used for view the image affect to much, the dark image is not so dark and it have its charm

I like the brighter version too, which imo isn’t too bright either. It looks like an evening shot.
The second one would be more interesting imo if there was a more obvious point of interest on the right, maybe a more glossy object near the TV set or something like that. The lighting of the 2nd shot drives the eye towards the TV mostly, which is rather dull in this case.
The 1st one is more balanced overall. I would improve the intensity of the light coming from the window in the center. It needs to be 1-2 clicks more bright compared to the internal GI lighting. Also, the perspective of the outside view of this window is wrong. I’d probably change the background too.
Keep it up!

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The brighter version.The second one is horror and thriller lighting

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