The innovation of the century has arrived: An automatic pancake machine, 200 per hour

So basically as long as you supply it with batter it will make 200 pancakes an hour, no cooking or flipping skills neccesary, just watch pancake after pancake roll out.

This thing would look good right next to the Moo-bella Ice Cream making machine and the newer pizza making machines sitting across the hall from the Ramen noodle making robots developed in Nogoya Japan.:smiley:

I have found heaven. And it costs 3 and a half grand.

…but can it run Crysis?

Those are pancakes? Aren’t they supposed to be thinner? Okay well, still… aaaaaaaahh. ooooooh. finally an invention worthy of the Nobel Peace prize.

It makes american pancakes, most pancakes made in the US are thicker than the flat ones you see elsewhere in the world.

Sorry, had to correct that.

Sure, but your nanosuit can only do “maximum syrup”.

Only 200 an hour? Pshaw.

Anyway, it reminds me of the doughnut machine in Homer Price, if anyone has read those books.

Short answe: yes.
long answer: NO!!

Cool stuff, this!

I think I’ll stick with my electric griddle. Not literally stick, of course, because that would suck. I love pancakes.

yeah, but to me it seems like another innocent looking droid that could go beserk. Case in point:

Besides, if it can’t do blueberry or chocolate chip pancakes, what’s the point?