The Internet: My Thoughts...

The internet, it’s a great tool for learning and communication and a destroyer of worlds.

The sad thing about the internet is it is over run by more immoral and evil things than good and intelligent things, there are so many websites dedicated to showing you some of the most evil things imaginable, ranging from the raunchy, to horrific, to down right gruesome things that no person should ever see.

On the flip side of all this however is the fact that the internet is one of the most liberating, freeing places there is, even though it does not occupy an actual physical place, but it is a place that is full of nearly endless terrain to explore, things to learn, sights to see, sounds to hear.

So is it good or bad? Neither really, it is what people make it, here lately the most popular sites are some of the most tasteless and disgusting sites there are, the, darkside of the internet.

The thing that the internet does best though is show what humans desire the most…

There’s boatloads of sites that are essencially a Christian and/or clean version of all the major websites on the internet.

Myspace > Mychurch, Dittytalk
YouTube > Tangle(Godtube), cleanvideos
CNN > Christian Post
General mega off topic forums > Christian Forums (the actual name, google it)
CNN political ticker > HuckPac and the other christian political blogs
National Geographic > ICR
Wikipedia > Conservapedia

I could imagine a possible future where the internet splits into two major sectors, Christian and Athiest/Humanist, there would be few sites occupying the space in between, not saying this will happen and is not written down to incite a debate breaking the forum rules.

As is with every technology. Atom energy equals warmth and technology or atom bombs. Combustion engine equals easy getting around or tanks and so forth.

So if you do not see those horrible things, does that mean they do not happen?

oh nooooo!
series of tubes!

beat me to it :frowning:

The content of your post demonstrates that it already has. However, you neglect to mention that there also exist sites for Muslims, Buddhists, Scientologists, etc., as well as sites which are religion-neutral (which is most of them), such as this one.

As such, I will have to watch this thread closely to ensure that it does not start undermining that ideal.

Religious internet will not show anything that doesn’t fit their religion.
Political internet will not show anything that doesn’t fit their political system.

Atheist internet will have porn.

Atheist internet = win.


Oh, dear, just as I was starting to respect you, you drop something like this on us. What a nice selection of propaganda sites. Got a couple of questions for you:

  1. Why would national geographic need a ‘clean alternative’?
  2. Cite ‘ANY’ peer reviewed research this ‘clean alternative’ has produced that has given us any insight into how nature actually works.

Just for shits and giggles, I typed ‘evolution’ into Conservapedia. Apart from the usual myriad of lies, one quote particularly caught my eye:

The fossil record is often used as evidence in the creation versus evolution controversy. The fossil record does not support the theory of evolution and is one of the flaws in the theory of evolution.
I find it staggering that Christians still cling to this idea in this day and age. The exact opposite is true, and it’s easy to prove. I suggest you watch these videos by Aaronra who is actually an expert on the subject:

Get all the way through those, then come back and tell me there is no evidence. His whole series of videos is the most spectacular demolition of the concept of intelligent design I have ever seen. There is no comeback after watching them, the evidence is overwhelming. They are highly recommended for anyone who actually cares about the truth.

While on the subject of truth, I find it ironic that Christians are so desperate to defend their bronze age belief system that they regularly break one of the fundamental tenets of their religion.


I think it’s time to lock the thread, because when CD replies to me, and he invariably will, I will be coming back in full ‘Wrath of Khan’ mode.

Just a heads up.

Man, you gotta love these Christian Nazis and their way of thinking.

Conservapedia is like watching Fox News, a biased No Fact Zone.

Glad most people in western European countries don’t take these sites and networks so seriously.

and God bless Aaronra!

@ Plantperson, tell me Plantperson, who threw the first stone here? Was it the Christians? Or the Atheists? I suppose that we can safely say that Blenderartists is not really a “neutral zone”, but in fact geared towards please an Atheist point of view. You and the others here on Blenderartists have proved my point, that when a Christian gets attacked, it’s ok, but oooh, watch out, when a Atheist gets attacked, better lock it down.

Come on Plantperson, you have to admit, the Atheists are the ones attacking first, the Atheists are the ones that this site is catered to seeing how you mods keep showing favoritism towards.

Mods, this is a problem, if you want to keep this site nuetral, truly neutral, then do not allow Atheists to attack Christians when they presnt there opinions on things in a respectable manner, the other side doesn’t.

Fix this problem and you wont have me complaining about it anymore, plus you will have more people coming to the forum, either you do not allow posts that only show favoritism towards Atheists, or you allow both sides to speak about there idiologies. Christians can keeo it civil, the Atheists can’t, it’s only when we Christians are personally attacked that we defend ourselves, we are constantly attacked by Atheists.

So mods, what will you do? I created a neutral thread, a religious person gave there opinion and automatically he gets attacked by who? The Atheists, you see they are the real problem, there bigotry and hatred towards Christianity is what devolves these threads into flame wars, they start the fights simply because they do not like what we believe.

End it mods…

@ Plantperson, tell me Plantperson, who threw the first stone here? Was it the Christians? Or the Atheists?
Well, it was a Christian user who turned a simple topic about the pros and cons of the internet into an advertisement for sites that have, to say the very least, a very strong christian slant.

And yes, he was clearly advertising both the sites, and his world views.


@BJ: The only thing we are telling you and CD is that there aren’t any proof or fact for those make believes you’re trying to force to us. We heard your statement and disproved it and still you’re trying to tell us that your way of seeing things is the truth. Yet you have no facts of anything you’re trying say.

I believe in one thing. That you’re not properly schooled and don’t have a healthy dose of skepticism.

@bigbad, I have plenty of skepticism, that’s why I don’t believe in evolution :slight_smile:

One of BA terms is no religion discussion. So who was the first one to break a rule in this thread? Maybe you shouldnt share your opinions about religion and no one will attack you.

Aw c’mon!

Why? Why does religion have to enter into 3D Graphics at all???

I’m not atheist. Nor am I christian. I believe in a god. A god outside of space and time, that set the mechanics of this Universe in motion. My god doesn’t think humans are any more signigicant than the mushrooms growing in your back yard…or that earth is any more significant than mars as a planet.

Humans are animals. We need fear to keep us under control. Religious fear use to work, now it doesn’t because our religions are too old. Humans are one of the few animals on this earth who kill for sport, so why would anyone want to believe we are so special?

Christians keep trying to make a point in this forum, but I don’t know what the point is. Nor do I want to, leave it alone. If I was gay, I’d want a special thread just for gay blender users. Get my point? It may souund stupid, but that’s what you’re doing.

Now back to the internet. Yep, when a local mom boards a school bus with a video camera, and films her own daughter beating another girl on the bus nearly to death…and then posts it on youtube? That’s sick to me. The fact that I live on a planet infested with sick animals who thrive on this behavior is scary to me. But it’s not the internets fault. The internet is more like a litmus test. We are breeding sick animals, even religious ones, in everyday society. We just get to hear about them a lot more because of the internet.

It was pretty much meant to a simple list of current major sites and Christian/clean alternatives if JackBlack hadn’t already known about them, it was partly in response to his post if he wanted to know of alternative places. I never thought of the athiests taking that out of proportion to this extent.

The truth is the athiests here often disqualify their arguments by putting out ad hom attacks against christians at almost every opportunity that may warrent for it, do you see a difference when a lot of Christians made declarative level headed arguments generalizing their views and Athiests respond by attacking/flaming the person?

It’s much like at sites disproving global warming where the personal attacks make the believers of global warming seem outright desperate to fight a losing battle, pick your method of argument,

Nice videos [email protected], thanks!

Oh and:

I think it’s time to lock the thread.

Oh, for the record, when I was in 3rd grade I totally believed evolution as truth, I believe I still may have a story book somewhere I wrote back then that has the millions of years timescale with time travelers despite weekly Sunday School and Vacation Bible School for years before, now I don’t believe in evolution anymore, can you guess what happened since then?:eyebrowlift: