The Iron Giant Background

The project is based on a background of the movie “The Iron Giant”. The image was painted by artist Joel Parod in his training of backgrounds with traditional painting in Warner Brothers. With that movie, Brad Bird debuted as a director in 1999 and part of the movie was made on a computer. Last year was the movie 20th anniversary, I had the opportunity to see the book “The Art of the Iron Giant” and found this image, deciding to make a 3D version. If you are really interested you can download the clay render for free.

Workflow Video:
Behind the Scenes:

Final Render

Texel Density

Topology (not the best)

Original Background


nice work!

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Thank you man!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you Bart!


You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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:pray: :grinning: Thank again Bart!

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What do you like about the picture?

Are you asking Bart or me? Are you talking about the original picture? or the 3D version?

You, regarding the original picture.

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This is a movie I love. And I was asked to make a video explaining how I use Texel Density (Texture Resolution) so I choose a good and simple Background image to explain the subject. This is the video:


That is still no answer.

Can’t you just say why you chose this very picture from this very movie?

I didn’t think this was so hard to reply to.

A normal answer could be:

It reminded me of the time I got my first car. It was a “carname”, and I drove from Madrid to Malaga

I don’t care about this nerdy texel density and who ordered you to create a probably paid article for it and shit, I care about why this picture.

Come on man, you need to chill out. I would like to have a paid article btw! I get this texel density question very regularly, so that’s why I decided to make a small project like this one to explain that. Why I choose this image? because I like it. That’s it! (There are no romantic memories from a vacation in nowhere land that inspired me hahahaha)