The Island - A Colorful Sea Tale (Animation)

“The Island” is a little colorful sea-tale made and animated with Blender by our foursome little studio. We wanted to achieve something that would look like a painted canvas, with undefinied lines and vibrant colors that would remind an illustrated book and we are pretty happy about what came out of this :slight_smile:

C&C are welcome!



Spectacular work, this deserves to be featured. I think you can insert the video here which would be easier for people to watch. Anyways i sent you a mail on your inbox, nice work! 5 star

Post edited! (now this video is visible directly from here!)
Thanks for the tip and for appreciating it, I’m going to PM you back right now :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind word mate!
I’ve replied to your PM right now :))

Really great work! The style is perfect; I’d love to see more like this in the near future!

Superb! 5 stars from me… This is really what I’d like to be able to achieve

Thanks mate! :slight_smile:
We are pretty stoked with the result and we are alredy working on some kinda of storyboard to make a shortmovie by using this style! :slight_smile:

Thank you buddy!
In the next days i’m posting a lot of stuff about “the making of” with screenshots of every step we did on this work!
I’m pretty sure it would help you to get a result close to this one! :wink:

That was awesome, I love the whole style and the final products came out beautifully!

Wonderful work! I loved every bit of it. :slight_smile:

This comment made my day!
I’ve learned so much by following your works during this years and you such a blender guru to me and the other guys!
Your appreciation for our little animation means so much fo us all! :°)

Thanks mate! :slight_smile:

I can’t fathom how cool this project is. Seeing how great this is compared to my projects makes me feel kind of blue. Anyway, I was going to make another ocean pun, but I’m afraid that ship has set sail.

I sea what you did there.
If your blender skill are strong as your puns, your work will be amazing :°)

BI-utiful, the bouncing efects R graceful

Oh god what have I started. Well, I’m just going to sail​ on out of here now.