The Journeyman Project: Tribute


Myself and a a small team are currently working on a remake of the classic game “The Journeyman Project”. We are using Blender to produce all of the imagery in the game; all environments, models, animations, special effects etc.

The project has the blessing of the original game studio, Presto Studios; I am fortunate to be in touch with several members of the original team who are keeping an eye on the work :wink:

The project blog can be found at as well as posting updates I’ve also started producing short tutorials on different aspects of Blender.

I would really appreciate if you could take the time to have a look at some of the work and give feedback, either on the blog itself or on this thread. This is a fan-based work and I’m wanting to make the best job that I can, so any comments/thoughts would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this!


interesting, i pass the link to my husband, who loved to play that, so i know you have a huge fan there already :slight_smile: good luck with it… oh, btw, the link has a typo, the ; (semicolon) has to be deleted to make the link work

Hi Doris,

Many thanks for the reply and apologies for the typo - now fixed :slight_smile: Looking forward to hearing your husband’s feedback!


Hi Ace2029, the project looks interesting. The link is still broken with the semicolon on the end. You may want to double check your post edit.

Hi FutureHack,

Thanks for your kind words and the heads-up on the still broken link - now resolved and tested this time! :slight_smile: