The Judge from Paranorman

Hello everybody

I think this model is finished so i think its time to post the final composite in this section of the forum.
This model comes from Paranorman and I liked so mush the design that I can’t resist modeling it.
It’is completely created with Blender and Gimp, and I was really pleased to see that Blender worked quite well while sculpiting 4 million poligon on my 4 years old laptop : ).
Hope you like it!


I really love your style of model and render!

I agree very cool style, model, and render! Is this cycles?

The lighting is great to showcase this model. I dig it a lot!

really nice model and just a small crit though i think you should the character to focus that what it is now so that details are visible.

What the specs of your laptop?

cool sculpt and textures :wink:

thank you very much for your congrats, I really appreciate.
The model is rendered with cycles but. If you follow the wip thread of this model, I post something tricky I found using cycles and transparency . I tried to achieve something like a sss shader using a mesh inside the model to control the diffusion of light, (as showed in a particular videotutorial) but it worked not so well.
I made an error, my computer is not a laptop, it’s a 4 years old quadcore desktop with 4 gigs ram and a gtx260, and certainly it has less power than a modern laptop.

I love this sculpt, it has such a wierd face-structure haha! I love it!

Thank a lot again for the congrats! I think the model is quite good, but after watching it for a long time, I’d like to change something, like more hairs, 2 slighly different eyes, one damaged by an eyes disease called “cataratta” (I’m sorry but I don’t know the english word), the teeth more visible and in general a best espressivity of the face. Maybe in the future I’ll add this small modifications.

That’s awesome…

Now thats just creepy, yet completely awesome.

Loving the gritty style of the render and that one staring eye is quite off-putting :slight_smile:

Noo, don’t make the eyes look different, that is too generic and… boring! :smiley: (Well, if you do it anyways, only make them slightly different.) Nice model, congrats!

Amazing…Love the way you styled it…awesome:)

Epic stuff dood!

I watch ParaNorman yesterday, awesome movie. You did a great work here too!

Impressive work!

I think you are correct. The eyes here are too sharp for a blunt face; cataract or blindness should do the needful. Plus a few more wrinkles is what I would suggest on the skin close to eyes. Cheers. Too good work.

That is very cool!

Very cool! Maybe add a few more wisps of hair?