The Juggernaut

Hi, here’s my latest project, let me know what you think!


Amazing stuff there
have nothing to say :smiley:

Nice. Dark souls-esk. Like it.

Glorious one. The pose and smoke are building the true feeling of just being spotted.

awesome work!!!

A touch of smoke is very nice ! Vibes is strong too.

Sick. A little over contrasty but really sick. Deserves a feature for sure

Great effort.

A short critique…

The figure (construction) feels unbalanced.

The figure would easily tip over.
The hammer doesn’t make an impression of weight & power, feels like an empty case.
The body, the posture, considering all the heavy-metal weight that it carries, doesn’t feel masculine and menacing.

Some notes:
A heavy burden is not carried on shoulders when commencing to battle. Heavy side is turned down. No waste of energy and time for use.
In fight, a hammer is lifted only to be used for action, never to keep still…
To arouse fear it is dragged on the hard surface creating creepy sound, suspense.
To break it (suspense) it is then lifted, while screams and shouts (bolts and lightning) fulfill the space, it hits the ground in crushing instance. A thunder of devastation.

The more elaborate the work gets the more it demands attention to detail (wide, scared look in the eyes (?), no signs of ware on chain, no dirt , mess on the ground, no reflected vol. rays, no airborne particles…)

Anyways… congrats, with hope of advancing your skills.

Hi all, thanks a ton for the kind comments and thoughts!

Thanks for the awesome critique, these kinds of characters are something I’m really interested doing more of in the future, so your comments will be very useful for my next one!
I definitely missed a few things when I made this one, especially the air particles and dirt/mess on the ground that I completely forgot about. I also think you’re right about the sense of weight being off, it’ll be something to focus on for next time :slight_smile:

Nice! Did you render the smoke or Photoshop it in in post?


Smoke is just a bunch of alpha mapped planes scattered around.

Looks pretty nice.
The only thing that bothers me are his hands. They are so small, which takes away this feeling of power and strenght.

But all in all very cool.

looks bad ass, the smoke effect is great

I tend to agree. Both hands’ size and the right hand’s pose threw me out of the image immediately.

Awesome work. To me you’re one of the main contenders (although with such variety of styles it’s very hard to say, isn’t it).
Good luck!