The King Suite - Full Tour

I’ve been modeling a 3d luxury hotel suite called the “King Suite” over the last year. Eventually many of these renders / animations will be used in a short film called “Relapse”. So I hope you can take a few minutes to check out the fruits of a years labor.

The tour begins in the suites private elevator which wisps you to the main foyer. You will visit the formal Salon and Dining Room. From there the tour takes you to the Master Suite, which features the master bedroom, master sitting room, master closet and master bath. From there enjoy the suites Fitness and Rejuvenation amenities which includes a private gym, steam shower, sauna and indoor pool . Finally the suites Recreation Amenities will surely impress. Enjoy the billiard room, home theater, the Crossroads bar, and finish up in the private casino and gentleman’s club.
All of the 3d modeling was done in Blender and rendered in Cycles. Many of the animations were composited in After Effects.

Here are just a couple of the many rooms that make up the King Suite.

Formal Salon

Formal Dining Room

Private Casino & Gentleman’s Club

Indoor Pool

The Crossroads Lounge

Many other rooms can be seen by watching the video in post#1 along with various animations.

Hey harley

This is really an outstanding piece of work that you can really be proud of “Take a bow”

The attention to detail and the persistence to carry on with this for a whole year really is impressive “Take another bow”

The pool room is my favourite part, the trick shot and timing is really spot on “Take your final bow”

5* from me.


hey Harley. Long time no see, man. This is fantastic. You’ve been really working on this hard, and it shows. The music, first of all is spot on imo. My favorite room is the dining room with the chandelier…gorgeous. I liked the dart throw as well, cool thing to add. I don’t even want to know how much the costs are for a night :smiley:

I hate that I’ve been gone so long and am just now coming back, so I missed out on some of the WIP. But I’m inspired by your dedication to the project! You get ***** stars from me too. I’m heading over to the WIP now to catch up

This is one fantastic final product, totally blows Final Inspection away.
Is there a plan for a third installment?

Thanks for the nod in the credits. Not sure I deserved it but thank you very much none the less.

Such dedication, passion, the light and the materials need those 5 stars. You’ll get mine too. Amazing as always.

The commitment to detail is outstanding, and your workflow is really inspiring. You do such a good job of breaking a huge undertaking into manageable bits and tackling them one at a time.

Can’t wait to see which hijinks will ensue this time!

This is great! But the only thing that’s bugging me is the pool water. The color seems wrong and there is too much movement in it for an indoor pool. It looks more like a lake.

Wow. Awesome work! I can’t imagine how long this took to render. I really like final inspectionbut this looks so much better, so much detail!

Congratulations on laying out very solid foundation of the next revolution in your Las Vegas projects spiral!
I could only repeat what was already said by others concerning detailing (furniture and steamy place- my favs) and admire efforts needed to get thus far.
Like AnthonyC said, not sure i deserve being mentioned - thanks a bunch, anyways.
Awaiting for the appearance of the King…

Looking even nicer since I discovered why my browser was killing the contrast. The shower, bathroom and behind the bar are especially amazing.

Truly outstanding work, harley! The attention to small details is evident, not only in the modeling, materials and lighting, but also in the editing. The subtle bump in the elevator, for example, is a nice touch.

Seeing all the rooms together, you’ve clearly done a LOT of work to get to this point. Are there anymore rooms you still have to create for the Relapse video? For your sake, I hope not! I’m sure focusing on character animation alone will be a big task for the next video.

Again, incredible work. Five stars from me!

Wow, it is a gorgeus work, congrats!

@eppo A guest for the suite in most definitely in the making, beginning the short film now.

@Oldghost I’m glad the contrast change you discovered on your browser settings are working. The bar was definitely one of my favorite rooms .

@James Candy There may be a need for additional rooms based on where the storyline takes me. I may need to model a room in the inspectors apartment… but not sure yet.

@Madrid Thanks for the nice comments, hope you can continue following the project in the WIP

The amount of modeling for this project has been staggering, but really helped my learning curve. I found the sofas and chairs some of the more challenging because I could never find good rear views of the furniture. Some I even had to guess on. But here is a studio render of most of the seating I modeled for the suite. Some chairs were retextured with different fabric at times.

Tables and Cabinets were easier for me to model, but a royal pain to UVunrap. Because it was really important for the wood grain to run in the right directions. I’m going to do another render with some of the built in cabinetry which was extensive in many of the rooms.

You actually finished is a great thing in itself. Not to mention the great quality.

@Sayan Thanks for checking out the video, I’m happy to have completed the suite modeling. The only area I was going to model but decided not to was a chef’s kitchen.

The Crossroad Bar in the video was a real fun room to do. However it required a ton of accessories to make it look like a real bar. Many thanks to the people noted in the credits that helped with the liquor bottles. That allowed me to spend a good amount of time on the various glassware and bar accessories.

The King Suite required a lot of lighting fixtures, these are most of the modeled fixtures. However there was lots of cabinetry lighting that was really challenging… seems like it was a constant fight with glass and blown out highlights.

I used IES light profile lamps for most of the suite. Primarily IES wall wash lights, sconce, cabinet lighting and pendant lights. I was happy to hear IES is going to find it’s way into the trunk.

As Tuxon said the indoor pool water/shader can be improved.
Other than that awesome work, the amount and quality of the details in those rooms it’s really impressive!

I know I’m a bit late but incredible work harley! This is some very impressive high quality work! I enjoyed seeing the video and your 3D models. As others have said, the amount of detail and the sheer amount of good quality models you had to make is certainly very impressive. You have great patience and dedication and the result is something that has inspired me to a great degree :slight_smile:
P.S. I hope you don’t mind me sharing the video to my social networks.

Wow, I am very impressed. The rooms look really nice. And there are so many things here. And everything is done in a nice quality way…