The Kingdom Under Attack: The Rebellion (Illustration style)

General Tauntooni’s forces rebelled against Lord Borgupyne to take over his base. Borgupyne has been oppressing the inhabitants of the Menhtar star system and he also implemented brutal taxing on them. Some rebels from Menthar got in contact with Taintooni and provided the funding for the coup d’état.

And this is the frame depicting the initial starting of the rebellion.

Ink Style

I just wanted to try some illustration non-cg look style so I came up with the designs and the story.

All Modeling: Blender
Rendering: Eevee
Style: Custom Eevee shaders


Beautiful colors and really dig this retro sci-fi vibe!

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Thanks, I wanted to try gouache like look while keeping some of the shapes more abstract.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Sorry, I forgot to add the link: