The kitchen in the village

Hello! This work was done for the competition. Time spent on the creation of seven days. Render Cycles 25-27 minutes. Criticism is welcome. Thank you!


WOW, Great Job! For which competition ?

Thank you Riofranco . Small architectural competition for the site, theme was “Kitchen”.
I decided to try his hand, and that’s what happened. I apologize for my English

the wood is awesome, and its realy near photoreal.

For my opinion the room is to clean and perfekt, this i think breaks the photoreal thing. And I would add an volumetric light just for artistic purpose.

Overall its a great piece of art/work ^^

Great scene CineMay!
How comes rendertime is so short? So noise-free for a 25 minutes render.

Thank you StieMO. I’ll have to work on this stage. And if I get permission from the moderators, then I can show to the new.

Carrozza Thank you! Probably because I have a GTX580 graphics card 3GB, I’m not doing any extra settings for the renderer. Render 1000 passes. Cookware for glass doors is diffuse, without Glossy, so that-be to avoid white spots on the image.