The Kitchen Job

Blender, E-Cycles, Photoshop.
Models and textures from the usual suspects, Chocofur, 3DWarehouse, 3dsky.
Design by RPeixoto Arquitetura.


Very beautiful job, Filipe! How long was the render time in E-Cycles? I’ve never used it before. Is it a large improvement over Cycles?

Hi there, thanks for the compliment.

I believe this one was rendered in about an hour or so, but maybe it was overkill with the number of samples and all. I was trying to see what would it look like. I made a lot of versions of it and the ones I made in the office had 64 or 128 samples, some others optimizations and were rendered in 5min or so. They didn’t look all that different from the one above. Considering that I have a GTX960m, 5min for an accetable quality image is quite good, so for me E-Cycles was a great improvement yes. I’m able to do a lot more previewing before comitting to a final version, and all this routine of preview > see whats wrong > fix it > preview again > … happens a lot faster and results in a better final image.


Great work :slight_smile: please can you share your setting ceiling lights ? thank you

Here you go.
There are 2 lights for each lamp. The one with the gradients that I’m seeing and an area light that is invisible to the camera but is actualy lighting the kitchen. There are probably more elegant ways of doing this, but it worked for me. Note also that I was working in centimeters in this scene, if you’re using the default units you should set your emission strength to 50 instead of 0.5 to achieve similar results.


great :slight_smile:

what node setting you using on grey doors kitchen? looks great :slight_smile:

thank you

here it is…