The Kraken

Here is my latest project. Tell me what you think. What do i need to change? Also i need a better name.

Wich one do you like the best?

I really like the 2nd one! Good Job :smiley:

:evilgrin:i like the 1st one cause its a bit brighter! well done:evilgrin:

The tentacles look a little stiff and not bending correctly. The highest tentacle comes out of the water and curves to the left, then curves up with a hard turn, almost like a joint, then is perfectly straight. That shape is probably not going to happen. There are similar issues with the other tentacles.

I like the body and where the arms meet the body. Good job.

Second one is better. Fits the mood better. But, I think you could improve by adding in some splashes. If a kraken is doing that to a boat, he isn’t doing so gently :wink: