The Last Librarian

Hi everyone ! :grinning:
Made following the concept art of artist Jie Ma, rendered in Cycles

Hope you like it
Any C&C are welcomed!



i like it! very poetic

Yes! That’s a perfect discription.
I really like this scene, viewing on phone so can not comment on image quality or detail, but the scene is great.

Nice, reminiscent of a scene at the end of the Third & The Seventh, an absolute CG Masterpiece.


Thanks guys! Really appreciate it :wink:

@Speed7 Thanks, I almost forgot this, indeed it is one such masterpiece.

Like it very much. one question, where is the man from? did you model it by your self?
i need somthing similar for a project iam working on :smiley:

Very nice.

Third & The Seventh is a masterpiece agreed.

@anon64128017 Thank you !

@xeonow Thanks! The man is from Makehuman and I modelled the clothes in Blender :wink:

@H-S Thanks!

I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!

Thank you Bart ! :smile:

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Absolutely gorgeous!

Add the title of the image in big capital letters, and this could be a very cool poster for a movie. :smiley:

Nice render, and beautiful idea. I particularly liked how the tower of books seem to be falling apart, yet the man just calmly sits there and watch, knowing he can do nothing to stop it.


Thank you guys! :wink:

wonderful composition

Thank you! :wink:

Very cool composition.

Super cool. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you achieve the fragmented effect of all the pages scattering like that?

I think it tells a great story