The Last Line of Defense (Update on page 3)

This is going to be my last major project before I ship out to bootcamp. I will make more of the “Sarcasm” models, as promissed, but that’ll be not as huge.

I never was a good writer… but here’s a brief story:

In vast and cursed lands of Kaz Doorhan, where no human would survive, mighty hordes wage wars against each other to dominate the planet. One horde above all is moving closer to the victory. Treacherouse horde of Drahans is crushing everything in their way into pieces; the nobel Erves horde is their last barrier on the way to the victory. The city of Lardonen is the last bastion that separates the Drahans from the dominance. The mighty walls of the city were unreachable to this day; all that came for trial failed. Now the fearless Drahans must face this challenge.... will they fail?

So… the scene will be a siege of the city of Lardonen… or not the city, but the mighty wall that separates it from the mighty horde of Drahan. Drahan horde will look something like orcs, and Erves will look something like humans/elves/orcs mix. I have not made my final decision on those things yet but it’ll get clearer as I make this. Now… I don’t think I’ll make this an animation… I mean, it would probably take at least several days or much longer to animate with good quality (I don’t want it to be bad quality), so I don’t think it’ll be an animation. It’ll just be a good, still image. This will be very hard, since I have not done big scenes before, so… yeah, I’ll learn as I do it. Lightning will be a huge issue, as well as texturing. Modeling will be hard, but I’ve done that lots of times so it’s not such a big challenge for me; just a bit of commitment is all I need.

Okey, so here’s a start. Note that you might think that there is not enough space for any armies. Well, I think of wall as something enourmously huge, that is why it’s such a big challenge. Armies will be like ants comparing to it.

(Latest update is on page 3.)

I know it looks undetailed and all, but it’s just to give an idea of what the scene will be like, the paramenteres so to speak. I want it to be a dark scene, with blood-red sky… maybe smoke. The Drahans will have few siege machines… some catapults maybe, maybe few ballistas. I am not sure about Erves yet… maybe buch of archers and few swordsmen. Maybe I’ll add few dragons if I’ll have time and if it’ll fit into the scene… as well if I’ll learn how to make fire and smoke.

So tell me what you think guys. Also any ideas will be very much apriciated.


well i definatly know you have the skills to do it but do you have the time and determination. sounds like a good idea, good luck bro :stuck_out_tongue: .

:o also look forward to sarcasm pics :o

but do you have the time and determination

Well, that’s what I’m worried about. I probably have the time, not sure about determination though. To this day I dropped way too many good projects, but I’m sure that this one will not join their sad family.

Here’s a very small update:

(Latest update is on page 3.)

More to come soon…


Okey, here’s another update (starting to run out of ideas as to what I should add to wall… hmm):

(Latest update is on page 3.)


I suggest that you solidify the “big picture” first. Place things into the scene to represent the Evil Creatures, even if they’re just polygons. Make them human-sized, whatever that might be. Populate the scene with polygons and your imagination.

Otherwise, you might pander endlessly on details that don’t really matter to the story-telling simply because those are the details in front of your nose now. Put others there. Re-read the text and imagine how you might tell that story visually.

I drew it on paper first :smiley: I could scan it, but I don’t have a scanner… :expressionless:

Thanks for the tip though, I’ll add some boxes to represent armies, catapults and such. It’s a good suggestion, thanks once more. :slight_smile:

Okey, here’s another update (bad quality image… hmm, I think it’s because of lots of details the photobucket shrinked it, next update will be better):

(Latest update is on page 3.)


very nice start!

Maybe you could add more “hole” on the side of the wall so soldiers could put out their guns and fire at the incoming ennemy.

Keep it up, it looks like a great project!

X-WARRIOR: Thanks for the comments. Where exactly should I add the holes? You mean I should make bigger spaces between the top parts of the wall or should I make holes in the wall for the “interior” guns?


I was talking about “interior guns”. So there are soldier at the top, and soldiers on different “floors” of the wall.

Hmm… good idea, since it’s a huge wall… hmm I’ve added spikes on 2 levels of it to shoot out so that they could knock out ladders, but haven’t though of holes for guns and such… Good idea, thanks man!

Here’s another quick update (without holes yet):

(Latest update is on page 3.)


crap dude you work fast, everything is looking great, mabye time and detrimation is not going to be a factor at all keep it up

Thanks bud! :wink: Trying to keep this thing going.

Okey added blocks to represent units. The huge one represent different machines, the small ones represent warriors. I’ll add more later, as well as ladders and all that (as soon as I start modeling them).

(Latest update is on page 3.)

Here’s also a “mood” pic, to show what kind of sky and ground I am trying to get. Though, it’s a bit dark… as I said, lightning isn’t my strong side. (Not that I haven’t added any details to the wall, I’ll do that right now).

(Latest update is on page 3.)


i have been very impressed with your work, and it seems to only be getting better. sarcasm pics then this project, I would say this quote no longer applys, you are already there dude!

Nice! :o
Great idea blade… battle scenes provide opportunity for lots of details… will this be a battle in progress or a pre-battle image?
Last image is kinda dark, but the atmosphere looks good… I__'m anxious to see characters. I like the architecture style too. Keep up the good work!

Wu: Heh, thanks a lot bud! :stuck_out_tongue:

I__: Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue: This will be a battle in process. I’ll have a full scale siege going on. You’ll be able to see ladders and warriors on them, and maybe 1 or 2 ladders being pushed back and soldiers falling off (not sure if I’ll do that). I also will try to learn particle stuff, to make fire and all for the catapults and arrows. And yeah… last image is a bit dark. I need to learn lightning tricks from some of the pros… I mean, I almost jump off the chair every time I see wireframe screenshots and see the light setup…

Okey, I like X-Warriors idea about the windows for extra defense and such, only I am in debate right now on where I should put them.

Will those spots be good for extra openings in the wall?

(Latest update is on page 3.)

There will be small doors that close those holes in case enemy gets too close. You don’t want those suckers to get into windows :D. When the doors will be open they will look like trap door that is attached to chain. Those chains will be going into small holes above the holes. You’ll get a better visual when I’ll model it. Right now I just need to figure out where to place them.


P.S. It’s getting late here, so I’ll post updates tomorrow.

looks really good! i really like the render with the sky and all! i cant wait to see more!

WEll you placed the red rectangle exactly where I was thinking to add the holes! I think it’s pefect there :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot guys, I’ll post updates tomorrow. Though I won’t post too much because I’ll be getting ready to go to Seattle. Gonna spend there my Friday… hehe :wink:


Man your names remind of WarCraft, like the wall so far cant wait to see things other than it.

Very impressive - and you are damn fast! The scene works for me, it looks really huge.