The Last of Us Fanart

Hi everyone!

I present to you my latest work, The Last of Us fanart painting.
I have tried to make this concept based on a real location in Seattle, King Street Station, you can see it on Google maps ( I would be satisfied if it was, at least, a bit like the amazing concepts that were created for this fantastic game. The TV serie is great!
It was made modeling and texturing all assets in Blender and painting in Photoshop.
There’s a lot of photobashing but half of it is done in Blender.
I hope you like it.

Raw render from Blender:

Clay render:

Final / Raw render / Clay:


Close up:

More on:


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you @bartv !

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Wow! Very nice! :ok_hand: Great job! :+1:

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Thanks a lot!