The Last Outpost

(CubeFan973) #1

Is this still in production? Will it come out this month? If what SKPJason has said about it being a 45-minute “Twilight Zone,” then I’d LOVE to see it!

(Goofster) #2

Jason has had an accident and hurt his arm really bad. he’s recovering from that right now. so I guess TLO will be a bit later.


(cree) #3

Send my regards.

(sten) #4

ooh too bad… :frowning:

send him my regards as well 8)

(Timonides) #5

And mine to!!!

I hope he is not so bad!!!


(SKPjason) #6

Thanks for the kind remarks… I should pop back up in the boards again soon… still recovering… got another bad news blow last week… one of the voice-actors for TLO (and my best friend as well as business partner) has a tumor embedded in his brain and is going to have major surgery… he has only a fifty percent chance of surviving it… and if he does manage to beat the odss… in all probability will spend the rest of his life in a wheel chair… been a bad month…

I’m having my wife type this for me as my arm is still giving me trouble… hopefully things will be getting back to normal soon…

As far as The Last Outpost… I should be releasing a new trailer in another week (I promise this will knock your socks off!!! - I’m amazed more and more what good ol’ Blender can accomplish ;)… And I’ll probably delay the release till Late October to make up for this month that I just lost due to my injury and caring for my friend.

Peace, love, and crabs.

(theeth) #7

I hope all will go well for you and your friend. :-?

Things like this only seems to happen to other people, until it slaps you in the face with an anvil-filled glove (à la Looney Tunes :P) and your stuck with 2 months left…


(BgDM) #8

Jason! Good to hear from you man. Sorry to hear about the bad news foryou lately. Been going through similar pains the last bit myself with my wifes father dying suddenly. I know how you feel.

Have a fatty for me and see you shortly.


(Cessen) #9

I’m really sorry about what’s been happening to you lately, Jason (in the sense that I wish it didn’t happen… not in the sense that I think it’s my fault and I’m apologizing :wink: ).

I hope everything works out for the best.

(snowy_duck) #10

wow thats pretty bad…but look at the bright side he has a fifty percent chance of living! :smiley: by the way what is the website for tlo? i’ve gone there before but i forgot the url anyone know?