the last stand for individuality

this week i made an entry for the week-end challenge with the topic: individuality is dead
how can i make this look more realistic

here it is


i think you should configure your light settings and take a look at your iris texture as it is a bit distorted. I woul also add some veins in the area around teh eye corners and i would add some bumpiness to the skin. cool idea on the whole :slight_smile:

minor adjustments


I hope this can help you, too:) especially the skin bumpiness and the form of the eye it self can be seen here very well
take perhaps also care of the skin color although you have brought already in some distort :slight_smile: keep it on, i think it can become a great piece. it just needs some more work :wink:

i changed the shape of the eye


take care of the eye lid as it is parallel but your eye lid gets wider in the right

Wow looks great, but the skin color could use some work :slight_smile:

made it a bit brighter


Looks good. The skin could use some more tonal changes in color and some texture. The eyebrow could also use some bump mapping. For the eye, I still think you need to add in more veins and stuff. The pupil also needs to be rounded a bit more, and maybe some blurring on the outer edges could help. I don’t know, but in the other image above, the edges don’t look so harsh. All these little details will help bring the image together and look more realistic. Keep up the good work.

i agree with you, nadakan, fully … i would also tune the mirror effect of the eye a bit down

the hair in the eyebrow just bugs me. It feels too uniform or something.

:confused:what do you mean by that?