The Last Stand:Time to Wake up

Hello guys
So a couple of days ago I found this great chess set modeled by ‘Blender Magic’ and I quickly opened up blender and started working on this scene I don’t know what hell happened to me it was as if someone was controlling my actions but ideas never stopped from popping up in my mind.
I tried different stuff but this was the end result Hope you like it.

At the beginning i never quite knew the story that this image was trying to tell but as i kept working everything became clear and I came up with my own theory about it and i can’t wait to see what you guys think.

Special thanks to



IF you are interested in knowing the story behind this image stick around because it’s going to be along journey
First of all let us start by revealing the hidden meanings behind each element of this image.
These pieces represent us and how we are falling to our doom by following people with great power ‘‘Human being have horrible track record of following people with great power’’ hence the king piece on top of the skeleton hand.
If you can notice half of the piece is white and the other half is black,good and evil, it represent how power can corrupt people and blind even those with righteous hearts.
It represent hope and even in the face of doom and despair there still some hope.’‘we fight we kill we betray one another but we can rebuild we can do better if we stand together despite everything’’

Now you are thinking about the other stuff (skull,curtain,the skeleton hand,chain,the galaxy in the background,…) Well it’s up to you to figure the rest of it beside everyone may have his own interpretation about any image but if you want to know more about the story that i created leave a comment and i will make sure to answer all of your questions.

Congratulations for the scene and the story behind it! It’s nice to see something “out of the box”. Kudos

Thank you dear friend for your kind words it meant a lot to me.

Another take on ‘The last stand’ project hope you like it .


Not to get political, but Democracy Spring sounds a lot like that ray of hope you talk of. Democracy Spring needs artists who aren’t used to being politically active. Anyone who wishes to see Wall Street and corporate corruption out of our government, and a restoration of true democracy based on the peoples’ voice, can be an invaluable asset to Democracy Spring. It’s a growing movement that won’t stop until we see our goals accomplished. Artist to artist, I beg you to consider getting involved if you have the time.

Love the art.

Well to be honest with you i am not into politics either actually i am sick of it especially from what i am seeing in my country(a freaking third world country which one day i hope to leave and explore this vast planet), politicians here are by the millions talking about how they are gonna change everything,end corruption and all that bullsh**,politics is just talk and no action and as a guy who is a self proclaimed artist and in this project i wanted to explore the themes of corruption,ignorance,inequality and many more and each element represent an idea (maybe someday i will make a post concerning what every object but i want people to have their own interpretation ) also when making this image i kept wondering how can people fight in wars based on the greed of their leaders and how can they kill innocent peoples and throw their lives for nothing while corrupt leaders hiding in their castles and mansions,hh the human mind is truly a mystery well it’s not like i have something against leaders people need a good leader and every shepherd so to speak is responsible for his citizens and one can only hope that one day we can all live in peace despite our differences that is something that can be done if mankind united,and to see people like you that want to make a difference without using violence is something to be optimistic about because violence is not the answer it is only a sign of weakness and it make us look like savages that’s why god has given us brains to work together and to find solutions to our problems but it seems that most of mankind are using it in the wrong way and then we blame god for the misery that we brought into ourselves , in the end i hope that one day we can meet in a world with less corruption all of us from this amazing blender community.
I am sorry for the long post and getting all political and religious but sometimes a man got to express himself.

thank you for the kind words it meant a lot :slight_smile: